Best Golf Cart Bags

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If you’ve already invested in a decent electric golf trolley, you’ll want to make sure you add a golf bag that is robust, stable and fits the base of the trolley easily to make it effortless getting your clubs around the course.

But deciding which golf trolley bag to go for can be a headache. 

Do you need a tour bag, a cart bag or can you simply put a carry bag on your trolley? Well, there are many things to consider before buying the perfect golf cart bag that will influence your choice. We’ll run through these alongside some of our favourite golf trolley bags on the market.


Although you’re not going to carry the bag around the course, you should still consider the weight of the golf bag. 

If you’re using a push golf trolley this is especially important as the weight of your bag can make a huge difference as to the ease of pushing your clubs for 18 holes. If the golf bank is too heavy, you will be spending most of your energy pulling the bag around the golf course, to the detriment of your game. 

If you’re using an electric golf trolley, then the weight is probably less important, but remember you’ll still have to get the bag in and out of the car boot each time you play!

Storage & Number of Pockets

One of the advantages of using a push golf trolley or electric golf trolley is that you can carry extra gear without worrying about having to carry it around for 18 holes. Think it might rain? Well you can just throw your waterproofs and an extra towel in the bag.

For that reason, when deciding which golf cart bag to buy, the number and style of the pockets should be high on your list of considerations. 

Think about the different types of equipment you like to carry with you on the golf course and how these can fit comfortably on or in the golf bag. You do not want to be preparing your new bag for the first round, only to find you do not have room to include everything you need to play golf.


You may be lucky enough to play in a region of the world where you have enough dry and sunny weather to always play golf in pleasant conditions. However, the majority of golfers will be playing in a variety of conditions, including wet weather, and that is why it is important to seriously think about investing in a waterproof golf cart bag. 

If you’re a fair weather golfer and don’t fancy shelling out a little extra for a fully waterproof golf bag, it’s still worth considering a shower proof bag a least. We’ve all been there when we’ve started the round in glorious conditions only to be caught out by the rain on the back nine.

Golf Bag Straps

Finally, if you plan on occasionally carrying the golf bag yourself, not only will you need to consider the weight of the bag but pick a bag with carry straps. 

Carry straps allow you to carry the bag comfortably around the golf course. If you’re a regular winter golfer you may find that your course enforces a trolley ban now and again after a period of bad weather, so it’s worth considering even if you don’t think you’ll carry that often.

Make sure the bag has well placed handles too. Moving the bag in and out of a car boot is a good example of when you will need to lift the bag up and some well placed handles will make this easier.

Now you know many of the leading features to look out for when buying a bag, let’s move on and check out the best golf cart bags, beginning with the value range.

Best Value Cart Bags

TaylorMade Select Plus Cart Bag

TaylorMade Select Cart Bag


  • Lightweight
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Extra-large rain hood
  • 7 strategically placed pockets
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The TaylorMade Select Plus Cart Bag shows it is possible to own a big name brand golf cart bag without breaking the bank. 

Complete with full-length dividers and an integrated putter well divider, the bag features a padded shoulder strap, which is great for when you want to carry the bag around the golf course.

Motocaddy Lite Series Cart Bag

Motocaddy Lite Series Cart Bag


  • 14-way dividers
  • 7 pockets
  • EASILOCK™ compatible
  • Extremely lightweight nylon construction
  • Weighs 2.3kg
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You’ll find a great selection of golf cart bags in the Motocaddy bag range but the Motocaddy Lite Series Cart Bag is the lightest at just 2.3kg. 

Despite the compact nature of the bag, you can comfortably fit every club you require in the 14-way top divider system and the anti-twist base makes for more stability when in use with your cart.

TaylorMade Pro Cart 8.0 Bag


  • 10 inch top
  • 3 integrated grab handles
  • Lightweight construction
  • 8 pockets
  • Forward-facing pockets for easy access
  • Key lock base
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The TaylorMade Pro Cart 8.0 Bag is on offer at excellent value and is available in several colours. The bag comes with a 14-way divider to ensure all your clubs fit comfortably and the forward facing pockets mean it is easy to quickly grab any item you require. The additional rain cover means it is possible to enjoy a round of golf while keeping the heads of your clubs dry throughout.

Best Mid-Range Stand Bags

Mizuno BRD4 Golf Trolley Bag


  • Full-length dividers
  • Cart compatible base
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Lined valuables pocket
  • Magnetic pocket
  • Matching Rain hood
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There is plenty to like about the Mizuno Golf Cart. What makes this one of the best golf cart bags is the storage, with a huge selection of pockets designed for different items. In total, you will find 12 pockets and compartments, an integrated umbrella sleeve, and a metal accessories clip. Several of the pockets have special features, making them perfect for storing valuables, drinks, money, and much more.

Callaway Golf Chev Cart


  • Water-resistant construction
  • 14-way top
  • Grab handles
  • 6 pockets with water-resistant zippers
  • Water-resistant velour-lined valuables pocket
  • Electric trolley battery pack pocket
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The Callaway Golf Chev Cart may not have the largest selection of pockets in our range of the best golf cart bags but they come complete with water-resistant zippers. So, you can enjoy a round of golf whatever the weather when using the Callaway Golf Chev Cart and rest assured your items will be kept dry. 

Weighing only 1.8kg, the bag is extremely light and additional features include a pen holder, towel hook, glove attachment and built-in lift handle.

PowaKaddy Premium Edition Cart Bag

PowaKaddy Premium Edition Cart Bag


  • 14-way dividers
  • 9 storage pockets
  • PowaKaddy Key-Lock system
  • Premium lightweight construction
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The PowaKaddy Premium Edition Cart Bag is one of the best designed golf cart bags available on the market today. The premium vinyl and PU materials give the golf bag great style and feel plus the oversize integrated putter bay offers plenty of protection for the most important club in the bag. 

The pockets include a waterproof velour-lined valuables pocket, insulated cooler pocket, two full-length apparel pockets, and one large pocket for balls and accessories.

Motocaddy Club Series Cart Bag


  • Easy access carry handles
  • Anti-twist bag base
  • 7 spacious pockets
  • 14 full-length dividers
  • 23% lighter than previous models
  • 1-year warranty
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The Motocaddy Club Series Cart Bag comes complete with a dedicated putter well, Velcro glove grip, external umbrella sleeve, and towel hook. 

The waterproof rain hood is great for keeping your clubs dry when the weather turns on you during a round and the dry valuables pocket plus food plus beverage pocket allow you take everything you need on the golf course. 

Previous buyers of the Motocaddy Club Series Cart Bag have commented on the high quality of the zips, which is always good to hear.

Best Premium Stand Bags

BIG MAX Aqua Tour 3 Cart Bag

Big Max Aqua Tour Cart Bag


  • 14-way divider
  • 9 waterproof pockets
  • Fully waterproof
  • Seam sealed
  • Ultralight weight
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Perhaps the outstanding feature of this golf bag is the seam-sealed 100% waterproof construction. This is the first fully waterproof golf cart back in this article and it comes with 9 waterproof pockets. These include easy access clothing pockets and an oversized cooler pocket to store food and drinks. 

A dedicated battery pocket, lift-assist handles, single padded shoulder strap, plus glove, towel, and umbrella holders combine to make the BIG MAX Aqua Tour 3 Cart Bag one of the best golf cart bags currently available.

Sun Mountain ECO-LITE Cart Bag

Sun Mountain ECO LITE Cart Bag


  • 14-way divider top
  • 8 pockets
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • Lightweight eco-friendly construction
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For those who want to enjoy a combination of the best quality and environmentally friendly materials, look no further than the Sun Mountain ECO-LITE Cart Bag. This is one of the best golf cart bags in terms of the environment as it has been constructed using only recycled plastic bottle materials. 

The bag is lightweight and despite being made using recycled bottles, the fabric is water-resistant providing some protection against the elements. Additional features include integrated lift handles, umbrella holder, cooler pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket, and tee holder.

Titleist 15 Cart Bag

Titleist Cart Bag


  • 15-way top cuff
  • Dedicated putter well
  • 11 pockets
  • Tour-inspired handles
  • Weighs just 6.5lbs
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The Titleist 15 Cart Bag is one of the lightest available and using abrasion-resistant materials, the bag still provides long-lasting durability. 

The top features a 15-way top cuff offers superior club management and the bag incorporates 11 forward-facing pockets including a hard-shell pocket for items that require extra protection, two velour-lined valuables pockets, and a removable ball pocket for customisation. 

The single padded shoulder strap means the Titleist 15 Cart Bag can be carried comfortably around the golf course.