Golf courses in Yorkshire

Yorkshire is the largest county in England, located in the North of the country to the East of Lancashire. Given its sheer size, it’s usually broken down into four sub-regions. 


East or West, North or South, there’s no escaping the fact that the county is a fantastic part of the country to visit, whether you want city life or natural beauty. And from a golfing perspective, avid golfers will find all kinds of challenges in this vast region.


In total there are 182 golf courses in Yorkshire, but it’s an area that’s also littered with history in the game of golf. 


There are three golf courses in Yorkshire that have held the Ryder Cup (Ganton, Lindrick and Moortown), with Moortown being the first course to host the Ryder Cup on European soil.


It’s no surprise that a number of golf courses in the area are also heavily influenced by one of the game’s most famous architects, Dr Alistair MacKenzie. He was born in Normanton, near Leeds. You could say he served his apprenticeship here, having had an influence on some of the best golf course layouts in Yorkshire early on in his career. 


If you’re a fan of heathland and moorland golf courses, then Yorkshire is the place to visit. The two most prominent regulars in Top 100 lists (not just UK, but in the World Top 100) are probably Alwoodley Golf Club and Ganton Golf Club. 


Alwoodley is a world famous inland venue offering heathland golf at its most challenging and enjoyable. It’s just five miles north of Leeds, so there are plenty of other things to occupy your time once you’ve downed your clubs for the day. 


But if city life is not your thing, head to North Yorkshire to give Ganton a try. A sandy combination of links and heathland, the bunkers here can be particularly punishing, but being only ten miles inland from Scarborough, you’re close enough to get a bag of chips on the prom if this former Ryder Cup course has got the better of you.


Whichever part of Yorkshire you try, there’s heathland, links and parkland courses for everybody, and a fantastic Yorkshire welcome is the icing on the cake.


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