Golf courses in London

If London conjures images of red buses and giant gherkin buildings it would be no great surprise. However, what may surprise you is just how many golf courses there are, and indeed, the high standard of them.


You won’t, of course, find anything a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace or Liz and Phil would have their handicaps down to 10 by now. However, some of England’s finest are just a short journey away. World famous Wentworth, home of the PGA Championship (and indeed, the PGA hierarchy) is barely 20 miles South West of Richmond, with Sunningdale just a few miles further out. A similar distance directly south from the city finds Walton Heath, home of the British Masters in 2018.


With a surprisingly large amount of courses available in the suburbs, there’s no reason to write off London as a great choice for a golfing break, especially with the amount of other entertainment options on offer.

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