Golf courses in North Wales

They may not all be easy to pronounce, but North Wales is home to some fantastic golf courses to those who want to try their hand at golfing beyond Snowdonia National Park. Whether you are playing on the mainland or venturing over to the charms of Anglesey, the courses may be sparse in number, but they are of excellent quality.


If you want something that has scenery to occupy you while your playing partners shank their tee shots into the Irish Sea, Nefyn & District Golf Club is a remarkable option. It’s an incredible course built along the Lleyn Peninsula, with the highlight being the Point holes nestled on the cliff edges. Be sure to bring plenty of golf balls, and plenty of tape to stop your jaw from dropping at the unique setting.


Anglesey has a few courses including Holyhead, a cracking heathland course situated as far North West as you can go. With the delights of the whole Snowdonia region on offer, it’s well worth checking out the high quality and highly unusual courses on offer in the North Wales region.

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