The Best Golf Gloves

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There are several pieces of equipment required for a good round of golf. Much attention is given to golf clubs and balls but what about the other key accessories? 

Golf gloves are a good example and every player, regardless of ability, should be using a golf glove. 

Below we will highlight some of the best golf gloves on the market today. But before we do, let’s take a closer look at some of the factors to consider before buying one.

Titleist Players Glove 2020

Premium cabretta leather glove which offers excellent performance, but at a premium price.

Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Glove

A full leather golf glove packed with technology available for under £20.

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

Our best all round value option delivering excellent performance and durability.

Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Gloves

Size is the obvious factor to consider when buying golf gloves but what else should you be keeping in mind when making a purchase?


The main reason for wearing a golf glove is to improve the grip on the club when playing shots.

When swinging the golf club without using a glove, it can easily slip through your hands. The first thing is to make sure that your golf glove gives you enough grip to swing at your pace.

If you’re still having trouble with clubs slipping in your swing when wearing a glove, you probably need to take a look at your grips!


If wearing a golf glove makes you feel uncomfortable when playing it is not the right glove for you. 

You should be looking to purchase a glove which is breathable. Doing so will mean every time you wear the glove it will feel nice on the hand and not sweaty due to previous use.


In terms of material, there generally are two main options. 

  • Genuine Cabretta Leather – these are premium gloves with optimum feel, which most tour pros use. They will grip and feel best but they wear quicker than golf gloves made from other materials. 
  • Synthetic material – This is often created to mimic leather. They are cheaper than cabretta leather as the performance isn’t as good, but they generally last longer.

It’s also possible to buy golf gloves which are created using a combination of materials, such as leather for the palm and fingers and synthetic material for the joints.


Not every golf glove will have the same level of durability. In fact, real leather gloves often do not last as long as those made of synthetic material or a combination of the both. 

That’s why many golfers choose to purchase golf gloves made with a combination of materials but you can make your own decision when viewing the various golf gloves below.


This should be one of the major considerations when buying golf gloves. You should be looking to achieve a nice, snug fit as anything too loose could easily result in a poor shot. 

On the other hand, you do not want the glove to be too tight as it may be uncomfortable and the glove can easily rip.

The Best Golf Gloves

We are now going to introduce some of the best golf gloves available on the market today. 

When analysing the gloves below we will consider each of the above features and you can use them to help in your decision making when choosing from the best golf gloves.

Best Premium Golf Gloves

Titleist Players Glove 2020

This may be one of the most expensive golf gloves in this article but the name Titleist says quality and that’s exactly what you get with this premium cabretta leather glove. 

The material used in creating the glove is exceptionally fine. Not only does this make the Titleist Players Glove 2020 breathable it also adds to the feel and performance of the glove. The seams around the glove have been reinforced with satin for durability and have been precisely placed to avoid interfering when gripping the club.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred

This is beginning to read like a who’s who of world leading golf brands and next we come to the TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf glove. This is one of the best golf gloves money can buy because It offers the perfect combination of comfort and performance. 

The AAA Cabretta TM Soft Tech™ leather is extremely soft and in addition to providing a good fit with plenty of feel, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred golf glove includes engineered perforation for breathability. Even the wrist lining is moisture wicking which prevents sweat and bad smells from forming and remaining in the glove.

Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Glove

Bringing together premium Cabretta leather, Griptac™ technology and Opti Fit™ performance, the Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Glove is one of the best full leather golf gloves available for under £20. 

Grip and feel are two of the key selling points of this golf glove and players can enjoy a 20% increase in grip plus a secure and breathable fit. Much like the TaylorMade glove highlighted above, the Callaway Golf Tour Authentic Glove boasts a quick drying cuff to keep moisture to a minimum.

G/FORE Golf Gloves

For those players who are looking to add a little bit of colour to their golfing attire, the G/FORE Golf Gloves are exactly what you need. They are available in a huge range of colours including traditional white, lavender, charcoal, pink, Green, blue, yellow and camouflage. 

Despite the colourful design, G/FORE Golf Gloves are not a gimmick! They are aimed at the serious golfer and have been worn by Bubba Watson and Jonas Blixt on the PGA Tour. Made from 100% cabretta leather, you can add both grip and colour to your game when buying G/FORE Golf Gloves.

Best Value Golf Gloves

Mizuno Elite Men’s Golf Glove

In terms of durability, it is difficult to beat the Mizuno Elite Men’s Golf Glove. The synthetic all-weather palm ensures the glove can be used in all conditions whilst always remaining in good condition. 

The glove comes complete with tour grade cabretta leather and although it is one of the more expensive gloves in this range the Mizuno Elite Men’s Golf Glove comes highly recommended.

Callaway Weather Span Golf Glove

One glance at the Callaway Weather Span Golf Glove and you can quickly spot one of the leading features of the glove. The perforations on the top of the fingers and hand aid in moist reduction and improved breathability ensuring the glove is always comfortable to wear. 

The Opti fit adjustable closure makes the glove suitable for a range of wrist sizes and the Callaway Weather Span Golf Glove offers a premium leather feel.

FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove

Renowned as the manufacturer for the #1 shoe in golf, FootJoy are also regarded as the #1 glove in golf. Their superiority in designing golf gloves is well demonstrated in the FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove. 

As the name suggests, the major aim of this golf glove is to allow players to perform at their maximum in all-weather elements. The FootJoy WeatherSof Golf Glove is light and breathable but provides plenty of durability so you can rely on it to keep performing, even in the most testing conditions.

FootJoy Pro FLX Glove

Remaining with FootJoy, the FootJoy Pro FLX Glove has been created using TactionLT™ advanced performance leather. This gives the glove a nice, soft feel but is combined with MicroVent™ FiberSof™ material to provide breathability and comfort. 

In addition, you will find breathable 3D PowerNet™ mesh on both the thumb base and knuckles which adds to the overall comfort and performance of the FootJoy Pro FLX Glove.