Best Golf Rain Gloves

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In the UK, you never know what the weather is going to bring! That’s why it is good practice to be prepared for whatever the weather. Owning a decent pair of golf rain gloves in your golf bag is one way to do this.

You need rain gloves because if your golf clubs get wet in the rain, there is a good chance the club is going to slip in your hands when playing a shot. That last thing you want to happen is for a heavy downpour to lead to a few poor shots because you cannot grip the club properly and you ruin a good score.

You may have planned to play a round of golf and booked a tee time only to see the weather forecast predict rain. When faced with this, there are two types of golfers. 

  1. Most golfers turn up to the course underprepared and end up having a wet miserable round of golf.
  2. Others will pack a spare towel which they dry their hands with before every shot. They will probably spend more energy concentrating on keeping their towel and golf glove dry (switching from under their umbrella, to pockets, to golf bags) than they do on their actual golf game. They usually annoy their playing partners by taking so long!

Owning a pair of golf rain gloves means you can avoid both of the above and head to the course without having to worry about keeping a second golf glove dry in your golf bag, or carrying extra towels!

Golf rain gloves are made from a special fabric that actually has better grip in wet conditions. This means the wetter they are, the better you can grip your club. Some claim that they can offer as much as 40% extra grip than standard golf gloves.

This frees you from protecting your hands against the wet weather and allows you to concentrate on what’s important – your game of golf.

Unlike standard golf gloves, golf rain gloves often come in pairs so you can push your golf trolley, take your clubs out of your bag and pick your golf ball from the hole with any hand, knowing that if it gets wet, it’ll only lead to more grip.

Convinced? With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best golf rain gloves.

1. FootJoy RainGrip Golf Gloves


  • QuikDry II knit material
  • Removable ball marker
  • Sold in pairs
  • Precise fit
  • Wet weather grip
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As well as producing some of the best regular golf gloves, FootJoy also lead the way with rain golf gloves with their RainGrip Golf Gloves. These are made using autosuede knit palm to provide a strong grip in wet or humid conditions. 

The QuikDry material is located on the back of the fingers and this not only guarantees quick-drying comfort but also breathability and flexibility. An angled ComforTab closure is used to provide a precise fit.

2. Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves


  • Microfiber suede palm
  • Synthetic leather
  • FleshMesh inserts
  • 3-D pre-curved patterning
  • Sold in pairs
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The Mizuno RainFit Golf Gloves are not one of the cheapest options in our range of the best golf rain gloves but they have certainly not skimped on quality or design. 

Using the Clarino microfiber suede palm, the traction provided by the gloves improves as the conditions deteriorate, giving you the advantage in wet weather. The angled pull tab encourages a tighter palm fitting, and the Mizuno 3-D pre-curved patterning provides a comfortable fit.

3. MacWet Micromesh Wet Weather Golf Gloves


  • Unique Aquatec grip fingers and palm
  • Elasticated cuff
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Lightweight
  • Sold in pairs
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When playing golf in wet conditions, you want an assuring, firm hold of your golf club and that is exactly what the MacWet Micromesh Wet Weather Golf Gloves provide. 

The Aquatec grip fingers and palm are water resistant so you can continue to play your best golf in the rain but at the same time, the mesh rear allows your hands to breathe. Constructed using 65% Polyamide, 31% Polyurethane, and 4% Elastane, in terms of comfort, the MacWet Micromesh Wet Weather Golf Gloves are one of the best pairs of golf rain gloves in the business.

4. Under Armour Storm Golf Gloves


  • Textured palm construction
  • 100% synthetic
  • UA Storm technology
  • Built-in closure tab
  • Seam taping construction
  • Sold in pairs
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The Under Armour Storm lines offer some of the best golf waterproof equipment and the Under Armour Storm Golf Gloves are a fantastic addition to the range. 

The UA Storm technology on top of hand repels rain plus keeps your hands cool and dry at the same time. The built-in closure tab provides a customised fit, meaning you will feel comfortable playing in the gloves and the textured palm construction allows for complete playability in wet conditions.

5. TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves


  • Element Tech microfiber and leather material
  • Form-fitting feel
  • Ultra-thin microfiber suede
  • Strong nylon fabric
  • 40%+ more grip in the rain over traditional gloves
  • Ergonomic pull tab
  • Sold in pairs
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According to the manufacturer, when you use the TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves in the rain, you will enjoy up to 40%+ more grip than a traditional style glove. It is a bold claim and the element tech microfiber material helps by providing long lasting grip in the wettest conditions. 

The ultra-thin microfiber suede and ergonomic pull tab combine to give the gloves an extremely comfortable feel and it soon becomes clear why the TaylorMade Rain Control Golf Gloves are ranked as one of the best golf rain gloves on the market.

6. Callaway Opti Grip Golf Gloves


  • Opti Flex material
  • Opti Fit adjustable closure
  • Microfiber suede full palm
  • X-Spann material between fingers
  • Stretch binding cuff
  • Sold in pairs
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Using a microfiber suede full palm, the Callaway Opti Grip Golf Gloves provide tremendous levels of grip when playing in wet conditions. 

The Opti-Flex and X-Spann material technologies combine to offer an exceptional fit plus they provide the hand with a natural flex, which is hugely important when playing shots. The stretch biding cuff works to not only give a secure fit but to provide crucial moisture absorption. 

Despite the Callaway Opti Grip Golf Gloves being designed for playing in the rain, they also work well in cold, dry conditions too.