9 Best Golf Umbrellas for Serious Golfers

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Any passionate golfer knows golf is not a weather dependent sport! 

Once you’re out on the course, you need to be prepared for any weather condition, and an important part of that is having the right golf umbrella. 

The best golf umbrella will not only give you protection from heavy rain, but it will also provide you with that much-needed shade during those scorching hot summer days.

Motocaddy Clearview Golf Umbrella

Our top pick umbrella if you regularly use a golf trolley

TaylorMade Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

Our top pick golf umbrella for regular use

Procella Golf Umbrella

Our top pick value golf umbrella for use on and off the course

Things to Consider Before Purchasing Your Golf Umbrella


Your golf umbrella needs to be long-lasting and resilient to harsh weather conditions for many years to come – and to do that, it needs to be designed the right way with the right materials. 

The best golf umbrellas are high quality, both in canopy material and frame construction, and stylish enough that you aren’t embarrassed to get it out on the course! 

Although you can get golf umbrellas made with particularly durable metal frames, they will also begin to feel heavy if you have to hold one for an extended period. 

You are likely to find that the best golf umbrellas will be made with a fiberglass frame as it is both durable and lightweight. 

Easy/Auto Open

Although you can live without it, choosing a golf umbrella with an auto-open feature will allow you to open your umbrella quickly and easily without getting pinched, essential when there is a downpour just on the horizon!

UV Protection

Besides protecting you from the rain, the best golf umbrellas will also be able to provide you with effective UV protection. 

Not necessarily essential in the UK, but if you play in particularly hot weather abroad, a golf umbrella with UV protection can help keep you safe from harmful ultraviolet rays and will give you the shade you need to keep cool.

A long time out in the sun can leave you feeling sick and sluggish later, so it’s best to protect yourself. 


Apart from protection from the sun, the obvious reason for wanting an umbrella is to keep you dry in the rain. 

Any good umbrella will keep you from getting soaked, but the best golf umbrellas will be fully waterproof no matter how heavy the rain, keeping you protected from any leaks or drips.

You also need an umbrella that is resistant to even high wind speeds, so that when you are out on the golf course, there is no risk of your umbrella being blown inside out.


There are a range of sizes of golf umbrellas to choose from, some which will be big enough for a few people to take shelter under, and others that are more compact for individuals.

You are likely to find that golf umbrellas range from 30” to 70”, but the best golf umbrella should be at least 60” across to give you (and your golf bag) a sufficient amount of protection. 

If you opt for a much bigger size, you should take the weight into consideration. You don’t want to have to carry around a heavy umbrella for hours on end, but a large umbrella made from fiberglass should be lightweight enough for you to be comfortable.


The final consideration is storage. You want an umbrella that will be easy to store and carry around the course with you. 

Some golf umbrellas come with a cover that makes it easier to do this, but ultimately you want a golf umbrella that will fit nicely in your golf bag or even one that can be stored on your golf trolley.

Best Golf Umbrella

1. TaylorMade Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


  • Auto-open function
  • Ergonomic sport-grip with rubber-coated handle
  • Lightweight fibreglass shaft
  • Windproof
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This golf umbrella comes in either a 64” size or a 68” size, both effective for protection from extreme weather conditions. 

The auto-open function makes this golf umbrella easy to use, and with WindPro® technology, it can withstand even strong winds.

2. PowaKaddy Automatic Clearview Double Canopy Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy
  • Transparent panels
  • Auto-open function
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
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The double canopy design of this golf umbrella lowers the chances of the umbrella blowing inside out on windy days, so you can avoid those embarrassing moments! 

The auto-open button allows for fast and easy opening, and the see-through panels allow you to keep an eye on the action even when you need to huddle under the golf umbrella.

3. Callaway Mavrik 68 Inch Tour Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy
  • Ventilation holes
  • Auto-open function
  • Lightweight fibreglass shaft
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This durable golf umbrella is fully functional without compromising on style. 

It’s designed with ventilation holes that allow for some wind to pass-through, so you don’t get pushed by the wind, but it still keeps you completely dry on those wet days. 

With an ergonomic, non-slip moulded handle and a lightweight frame, you can stay comfortable until you get back to your car.

4. Under Armour 68” Double Canopy Windproof Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy
  • Dual-action opening system
  • Textured rubber handle
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This golf umbrella, with its double canopy and Under Armour Storm technology, provides maximum coverage and repels water to keep you as dry as possible even in the most diverse weather conditions.

5. Procella Golf Umbrella


  • Double canopy
  • Auto-open
  • Lightweight fibreglass shaft
  • 100% water resistant
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This 62” golf umbrella can shelter up to three people and, with its fully flexible frame, can withstand strong gusts of wind up to 46 mph without becoming misshapen. With a rubber anti-slip handle and a weight of only 1.7 lbs/0.7 kg, this golf umbrella is really comfortable to hold, even for long periods.

6. G4Free Windproof Golf Umbrella


  • Windproof double canopy
  • Reinforced, lightweight fibreglass shaft and frame
  • Auto-open
  • Ergonomic EVA grip handle
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This large, 68” golf umbrella will comfortably fit three people underneath it, so is the perfect choice for games with friends. It is made from a material that enables the raindrops to simply roll off the umbrella and allows for quick drying.

7. TaylorMade Single Canopy 60” Golf Umbrella


  • Ergonomic sport-grip, rubber-coated handle
  • 100% nylon
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If you’re looking for something a little simpler, this stylish golf umbrella is a good choice for you. This compact umbrella does everything you need it to do at a particularly affordable price.

8. Motocaddy Clearview Vented Wind Resistant Golf Umbrella


  • Transparent viewing panel
  • Extended handle length
  • Auto-open function
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This golf umbrella is a full 65mm longer than most standard golf umbrellas and is fully wind resistant, backed with a 12-month warranty from Motocaddy.

The umbrella is compatible with their Umbrella Holder accessory for their golf trolleys and the transparent viewing panel makes it easy to see where you are going on the course.

9. Mizuno Golf 68” Tour Twin Canopy Vented Golf Umbrella


  • Twin canopy
  • Soft grab EVA handle
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The twin, or double, the canopy of this golf umbrella prevents any damage being done in particularly windy conditions, and the soft grab EVA handle is ergonomic, so provide comfort and reduce any risk of hand fatigue.
With four colour-ways to choose from, Black/White, Blue/White, Grey/Blue, or Navy/Red, you are sure to get a golf umbrella that matches your personal style to a tee.

With one of these golf umbrellas in your bag, when the rain hits, you won’t have to worry. Just pop your umbrella up and play on. If you are looking to complete your golfing kit for those wet days, check out our list of the best waterproof golf shoes and our list of the best golf waterproofs that will keep you dry and comfortable, so your round of golf doesn’t turn into a washout!