Best Golf YouTube Channels

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YouTube has exploded over the past decade. And it’s not just a place to watch cat videos online…

Thanks to advertising revenue, being a YouTuber is actually now a real thing. And this means that brands and individuals (including some golfers) have been able to invest a lot of time and money into creating quality content.

These days there’s a whole range of golf content on YouTube. And as there’s no real strict publishing guidelines, not all of it is great! That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite channels which will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Whether you’re looking to pass some time on your lunch hour, or looking to understand more about your swing, there’s something for every type of golfer online.

Me And My Golf

Me And My Golf is one of the most popular golf channels on YouTube with well over 700k subscribers at the time of writing.

The channel is run by two golf pros Andy Proudman and Piers Ward who break down the complexities of the golf swing into pretty good nuggets of tuition advice. 

As the channel has grown, they became sponsored by TaylorMade which opened up some doors for them into getting some of the top pros in the world on their channel talking about their golf swings. 

One of my favourites is when they did a driving special with Rory McIlroy at a Trackman Range Session. They’ve also done some pretty successful videos with Dustin Johnson and John Rahm, well worth a watch too!

Chris Ryan Golf

In a similar manner to Me And My Golf, Chris’ main offering on his YouTube channel is instructional video.

If you’ve previously had lessons and always default back to the same faults, or you’re actively working on something, Chris will probably have a video on his channel which will help. I’ve found that he breaks down some of the movements in the swing into very simple steps and offers some great drills to practice what you’re trying to achieve.

Generally he offers some excellent advice on how to play certain shots, but I’ve found the video below to be my favourite in helping me with a particular area of my game.

Top Speed Golf

Top Speed Golf is our final channel recommendation for instructional type videos on YouTube. The channel is run by Clay Ballard from the US who has an extensive library of videos on the fundamentals of the golf swing.

Again, like Chris’ channel, I’ve mainly stumbled on Top Speed Golf by searching for particular drills to practice on YouTube or searching how to make a certain move in the swing that a pro has recommended to me. 

He has a lot of great videos on driving the ball, but I’d say some of his best content is on the short game and the fundamentals around the green.


If you’re serious about your golf and are dedicated to the fitness side of things, then My TPI has some excellent videos.

They have a video series called the Golf Fitness Academy which have some golf specific workout routines that you can integrate into your training. 

Aside from that, they occasionally have interviews with some of the top pros helping you gain insights into their workout routines or what they are focusing on. Some of the interviews go into depth on how certain pros have worked to gain x amount of club head speed which makes for some interesting listening. 

The uploads to My TPI are quite sporadic and they don’t necessarily have a regular stream of new content, but the basics that are there offer really good value.

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick has had enormous success on YouTube becoming one of the first golf channels to surpass the million subscriber mark.

The origins of success on his channel were on tutional based videos and in depth reviews of different golf clubs. These for me are the best style of videos that he offers on the channel. 

There are some really good in depth reviews of clubs where Rick tests them live in the video and talks through the numbers and feedback on the club. If you’re searching for a particular club, chances are Rick will have done some sort of feature on it.

But as his channel has grown, the style of content has changed slightly. He does a number of video collaborations with other golf YouTubers which tend to be more clickbait focussed videos on challenges between themselves. 

Personally for me, I don’t find these videos particularly entertaining or useful. There’s no harm in a little fun and I know they are extremely popular too on YouTube, so there must be an audience out there for them too, but for me, if you stick to his tuition and club review videos, you can’t go wrong!

No Laying Up  

This is my favourite golf YouTube channel from an entertainment point of view. 

The NLU team are serial live golf watchers (or fanalysts as they call themselves) and I originally started following them through a recommendation to listen to their podcast (which is also brilliant). 

In their podcast they debate and cover the highlights of the weekend’s golf action from a point of view that’s like having a discussion with your mates in the pub. It’s very honest, genuine and the guys at NLU have some pretty good connections with the world of golf making it insightful at the same time.

But anyway, this is a review of their YouTube channel, not their podcast. 

On their YouTube channel, whilst they do occasionally upload videos on tournament picks and previews, their main focus is “vlogs” on golf travel and playing golf courses. They break these down into series and arguably their most popular series are the Tourist Sauce videos where they go on a lads golf holiday and film the whole thing. 

The team has some real talent in videography and use drones and all sorts of equipment to get great shots of the golf courses they play. They tend to visit some top courses that are off the beaten track and a little unique. They also host interviews with caddies and the other staff that work at the courses which makes interesting viewing. 

My favourite series so far was the Tourist Sauce Season 2 in Scotland – well worth checking out!

PGA Tour

An obvious and boring pick. But I had to include this as I’m a regular watcher and addicted to some of the stuff the PGA Tour put out on their channel.

If I haven’t successfully managed to fight for the TV remote over the weekend and watch any of the golf, then the round highlights from the leaders in the tournament are a great way to catch up with the action. 

At the end of the week, there’s usually a tournament highlights or best shots video too which I regularly watch. 

Outside of the regular weekly videos, there’s some great coverage of some of the classic tournaments and memorable moments in the past. To be honest you can easily lose a couple of hours of your life just flicking through the Tiger Woods archives on the channel.

Start here.

European Tour

Similar to the PGA Tour channel, The European Tour YouTube channel is best for the highlights of the weekly tournaments if you haven’t managed to watch any of the live coverage. 

They also have archives of best shots of the year, memorable shots and other bits from the history of the tour which make an interesting watch.

However, the European Tour sets itself apart a little with their additional content with the players on tour. They’ve done some entertaining series such as the Hole in One challenge where they basically get different pros to hit 500 balls on a par 3 and see if they can make a hole in one. It leads to some very frustrated golfers and some pretty epic celebrations when a few of them have made it!

Others series include the 14 club challenge, where two pros battle it out to hit a green but once they’ve used a club neither of them can use it again. There’s also the 1 club challenge where they have to score the lowest on a hole with one club. 

Erik Anders Lang

I’m not sure what Erik Anders Lang’s job title is, but I want it. 

Storyteller, artist, filmmaker and film producer are some of the terms that show up in the odd article here and there, but frankly I’d give him the title of “Chief Golf Traveller”.

Erik hosts the Erik Anders Lang Podcast and his YouTube channel titled “Random Golf Club Films” is an extension to that. He’s constantly travelling all over the world playing golf at some of the best courses and documenting all of this on YouTube for us to get jealous of.  

He has a range of different videos, from trying to break 90 from the tips of some of the toughest golf courses, which shines a light on how tough they really are to a series about unusual golf destinations and exploring their magic.

He also has some pretty good connections. He’s done some interesting golf days with the likes of Gareth Bale, Tony Finau, Dustin Johnson and even Kevin from the US Office!

Mark Crossfield

Professional golfer Mark Crossfields channel is more of a classic golf club review and tuition based YouTube channel.

Mark was one of the first golfers on YouTube, starting his channel back in 2006! 

I first started following Mark on Twitter. He tweets a lot and gets quite a lot of engagement and sparks some interesting conversations on there. I later then came across some of his golf videos on YouTube searching for reviews on some clubs.

As well as informative golf tuition videos and golf club reviews, his channel now consists of course vlogs from courses all over the world (thanks to his partnership with Your Golf Travel) and some interesting interviews with the likes of Bob Vokey and Justin Thomas.

The Masters

A couple of years ago, The Masters YouTube channel gave us all an early Christmas present. 

They uploaded the archives of the final round broadcasts from all The Masters from the previous 50 years!

It was the YouTube channel we were all waiting for…and it eventually happened. 

Every golfer has memories of past Masters tournaments, whether they are ones we lived live – such as the Tiger chip on 16 (which still gives me goosebumps just writing about it)! Or clips that we’ve seen a number of times from watching the live broadcast of the tournament year in year out.

Well now you can relive all of those moments on the official YouTube channel until your heart is content. 

You’d have to rack up some serious viewing time to get through all the good stuff on this channel!