Best Lithium Batteries for Electric Golf Trolleys

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Electric golf trolleys if properly cared for can last years and years. Unfortunately, the batteries are usually the first things to go on the trolley as they have a limited life cycle, based on the number of charges. 

If you find your electric golf trolley is conking out before you reach the 18th, in most cases there won’t be anything wrong with the trolley in general, it’ll usually mean it’s time to replace the battery. 

Even if you currently have a lead acid battery, your best bet is generally going to be to switch to a lighter lithium battery. There are a number of reasons why you should consider the switch to lithium which we’ll cover below.

Advantages of lithium golf batteries

  • Lighter – Probably the main advantage of lithium golf batteries is that they are lighter than lead acid batteries. This not only helps you get your electric golf trolley to and from the course easier, but it also makes for smoother handling on the course. A lighter batter will also use up less juice meaning your charge should last longer and help you get more holes out of your trolley.
  • Smaller – Not only are lithium batteries lighter but they are also smaller. This means golf trolleys designed for lithium batteries can generally fold down smaller and the battery compartment isn’t as large and doesn’t take up as much space.
  • Shorter charging times – The charging time can be significantly less for lithium batteries, with a full charge taking about three to five hours per charge. For comparison a lead acid battery typically takes around eight hours to fully charge
  • Better for the environment – As well as taking less time and energy to charge, lithium batteries will generally last longer in terms of the battery life cycle. With a lithium battery you can expect to get 2,000 – 5,000 charging cycles vs. 500 – 1,000 from a lead acid battery meaning they can be considered better for the environment. Not only that, but they also contain non-hazardous materials whereas most lead acid batteries do contain hazardous materials that are harmful to the environment. Whilst both batteries require special measures to dispose of, there’s less chance of causing any environmental damage with a lithium battery. 

Best Lithium Batteries for Electric Golf Trolleys

If you need to replace your lithium battery or are looking to convert your lead acid electric golf trolley into a lithium trolley, we’ve done the research to give you the top lithium golf batteries in the market.

We’ve focussed the list on five different features: the number of holes for each battery will last, brands of trolley the battery is compatible with, the dimensions of the battery, voltage, and the charge time. 

ULTRAMAX 27 Hole Lithium Battery


  • 27 hole lithium battery
  • Compatible with all golf trolleys
  • 73 x 128 x 168mm
  • 3 hours charging time
  • Should last 1,000 cycles
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Our top lithium golf battery pick is the Ultramax 27 hole lithium golf battery. It comes as standard with a T-bar connection which means the battery is compatible with most golf trolley brands such as Motocaddy, Powakaddy, GoKart, Golfstream, and more. It means the battery should just be a direct replacement for your current lead acid or lithium battery.

The 12V battery will charge quicker than most on the market but still offers excellent performance on course delivering excellent power. All around, it is a great option!

ULTRAMAX 36 Hole Lithium Battery


  • 36 hole lithium battery
  • Compatible with all golf trolleys
  • 102 x 128 x 168mm
  • 3-4 hours charging time
  • Should last 1,000 cycles
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The Ultramax 36 hole lithium battery is similar to its counterpart above, except that it is built for an extra nine holes. It actually has the exact same dimensions for the length and width but is 30mm higher. Again, it’s compatible with most golf trolley brands so can be used as a direct replacement for your current battery.

Powerhouse Golf 18-27 Hole Lithium Battery


  • 18-27 hole lithium battery
  • Compatible with most golf trolleys
  • 170 x 130 x 80mm
  • 3-4 hours charging time
  • 1,500-2,000 cycles
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The Powerhouse Golf 18-27 hole lithium battery is comparable to the Ultramax 27 hole battery with similar charging times, dimensions and weight. The Powerhouse Golf battery comes in a slightly more expensive price point, but for that little bit extra you should get an extra 500 charging cycles from the battery. Depending on how much you play that could be an extra few years use!

The battery is compatible with most electric golf trolleys and comes with a T-bar connection as standard. It also has a five year warranty so you can rest assured that it will stand the test of time.

Kinetix Lithium Golf Trolley Battery


  • 18-27 hole lithium battery
  • Compatible with most golf trolleys
  • 170 x 130 x 105mm
  • 1,500-2,000 cycles
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With the Kinetix lithium battery you should be able to comfortably get 18-27 holes of use from one charge. The battery again comes with a T-bar adapter so should be a straight drop in for most golf trolley brands such as Motocaddy, Powakaddy, and more. 

The Kinetix battery is slightly larger than the Powerhouse Golf and Ultramax batteries, so be sure to check the size of the battery well on your trolley before to make sure it’ll fit OK. Kinetix also offer a 2 year guarantee on the battery, albeit it should last a lot longer with 1,500-2,000 charging cycles.

Powerbug Lithium Golf Trolley Battery


  • 18 hole lithium battery
  • Compatible with Torberry connection golf trolleys
  • 180 x 170 x 90mm
  • 24 Month Warranty
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Last but not least we have the Powerbug lithium golf trolley battery. The battery is designed as a direct replacement for all Powerbug trolleys, but it will also fit any trolley with a Torberry connector.

The battery offers power for at least 18 holes, which is slightly less than some other on the list. It’s also slightly larger at 180 x 170 x 90mm, so again be sure to check the battery holder is big enough to support it before buying.

Key consideration factors when buying a lithium battery

Regardless of what battery you select, there are a few key factors that you should be aware of before commiting.

What fitting does your trolley have?

The first thing is to make sure that the battery actually fits your trolley. 

There is no point in buying a new battery if it’s not compatible with your trolley. Most electric golf trolleys will use a Torberry to T-bar connector, for which all our recommendations above should fit. It’s always best to make sure first and double check the connection as some older models or trolleys from different brands may have slightly different connectors. 

When considering the connection type, also be mindful of the dimensions. Whilst the battery may be compatible, you need to make sure that it will snugly fit into the battery well on your trolley. 

Number of holes 

When deciding which battery to go for, think about how much golf you play on a regular basis. If you occasionally play more than one round in a day, then it may be worth opting for a 36 hole battery so you’re not left short on the course. Whilst you can push an electric golf trolley, it’s not ideal and will be exhausting after a few holes.

It may also be worth considering a 36 hole battery if you regularly play a couple of times over the weekend, or go away on golfing weekends. Whilst you can charge the battery in between rounds (even in the hotel), it’s easy to forget, so having a 36 hole battery is a bit of an insurance against you forgetting to charge it! They do cost more, but you’ll be thankful for the time you do forget to charge it.

Otherwise, if you’re the type of golfer that only plays 9 – 18 holes at local courses, then a 18 or 27 hole battery is probably more than enough. 

Charge time

The final (and probably least important factor) would be the charge time. Lithium batteries charge up a lot quicker than lead acid batteries and generally most will charge from flat to full in 3-4 hours. So by buying a lithium battery you’re already getting a good charge time compared to lead acid models.

Most golfers will charge their golf trolley batteries overnight and forget about it as the chargers should usually prevent the battery from being overcharged.


How Long Does a Lithium Golf Trolley Battery Last?

Lithium batteries are sold with anything between 1,000 and 2,000 charging cycles. That means you can charge the battery from flat 1,000-2,000 times before it’ll need replacing.How long the battery lasts will depend on how frequently you play (and charge the battery). 

If you play golf twice a week, that’s 2 x 52 week = 104 charging cycles per year, meaning a lithium battery should last at least 10 years.

In general, lithium golf batteries will usually last about double the lifetime of a standard lead acid battery.

Can You Convert a Golf Trolley With a Lithium Battery?

As long as your electric golf trolley uses the same connector, you can basically swap out your lead acid battery with a lithium golf battery and continue to use your existing trolley. 

Lithium golf trolleys are designed for a smaller lithium battery so are usually able to fold down to a more compact size, however if this isn’t important to you, or you don’t want to invest in a whole new trolley then swapping out the battery is a good option.