Best Pencil Golf Bags

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If you enjoy popping down to the golf course for a speedy nine-holes with a couple of friends, or regularly spend a couple of hours practicing on the practice area or at the driving range, you could benefit from investing into a quality pencil bag.

Pencil bags are slim, lightweight versions of classic stand golf bags, capable of carrying up to 14 clubs with ease. Easy to store in your car or in a locker, they’re the ideal choice for a game on a dry, warm day when you don’t need to carry as many things in your golf bag. 

They’re also perfect for a trip to the driving range, or for young and novice golfers who don’t require a full set of golf clubs, as well as older golfers who want to enjoy some exercise without lugging around a full set or cart. 

With a pencil golf bag at your disposal, you’ll be able to walk comfortably around the course without having to lug about a heavy, clumsy bag or bother with a golf trolley. When all you want is a quick game, the best pencil golf bags are on hand to ensure your game is more convenient, faster and easier.

Things To Consider When Choosing Between The Best Pencil Golf Bags

There are several factors to bear in mind when choosing between the best pencil golf bags on the market today:

Weight – the primary reason for investing in a pencil golf bag is to have a lighter, more portable bag for use on the golf course. You’ll want to choose a bag that is as lightweight as possible and, thus, easier to carry without the need for a trolley.

Stand – while some pencil bags come complete with a stand, others don’t. You’ll need to decide how important this is for you. For example, if you regularly play in wet weather or during the winter months, you may want to take advantage of a pencil bag with a stand.

Durability – buying any piece of golf equipment is an investment and you want to be sure of the best value for money when you make your purchase. Choosing a durable and robust pencil bag will ensure that it has a long lifespan and will allow you to enjoy many years of play, particularly if you only bring this out for the occasional game or trip to the range.

Handles and Straps – look carefully at the handles and straps when you choose a pencil bag. You want to be sure that they’ll be strong enough to carry your clubs without snapping, breaking or wearing prematurely. You’ll also want to make sure that they are comfortable to hold or wear. A number of pencil golf bags come with just one strap, but some people they will prefer two so make sure you check this out before investing.

Storage and Pockets – although pencil bags are designed specifically to be compact and lightweight, having pockets for storage of small items is a major bonus, allowing you to easily stow away items such as car keys, phones or your golf GPS as well as tees and golf balls. An umbrella holder is also a bonus if you live in the UK as you can never be 100% sure on a dry round!

The Best Pencil Golf Bags In Detail

Which are the best pencil golf bags on the market today? Here are six of our favourites.

Callaway Golf Carry Bag


  • Three way top divider
  • Three zipped pockets
  • Water resistant base
  • Stand
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Designed for maximum convenience and comfort by one of the biggest and best-known brands in the golfing industry, this Callaway pencil bag features a three-way top together with full-length dividers for spacious storage. 

Its three zipped pockets include a full-size apparel pocket while its comfort tech double strap makes it a breeze to take this bag anywhere you need to go. For those who regularly play in wet weather, this bag features a water-resistant coating on its base as well as a manual-release stand system to protect it from damp ground conditions.

TaylorMade Quiver Bag


  • Lightweight
  • Two way divider
  • Dual strap system
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If you need to carry a complete set of 14 golf clubs, this TaylorMade Quiver bag is ideal for you. As the brand’s lightest bag, it’s perfect for the driving range or for casual games. It weighs only 2.2lbs but doesn’t compromise on quality or features. 

The bag boasts a 2-way, cushioned air-mesh divider system as well as plenty of storage space for accessories and an ergonomically designed dual shoulder strap that’s comfortable to wear.

CaddyDaddy Ranger Golf Bag


  • Lightweight
  • One year manufacturers warranty
  • Moulded base for durability
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When you’re looking for great value and excellent durability, the Ranger golf bag from CaddyDadyy is ideal. Weighing a little more than some of its rivals at 3.5lbs, it comes complete with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty and features a padded, wide top for extra club protection. 

Capable of storing up to nine clubs, this bag features a moulded base and a 5” rigid tube to add durability and stability. The zippers are lockable and there are three zipped pockets as well as an integral towel rail. Meanwhile, the handle and shoulder strap are both strong and comfortable.

Ping Moonlite Bag


  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant belly
  • Fully adjustable dual strap
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This pencil bag is lightweight, yet spacious enough to accommodate as many as 14 golf clubs. Made from a rugged and robust 300D polyester, this bag features a water-resistant belly to offer even more protection from inclement weather. 

It also features fully-adjustable double straps to ensure complete comfort when carrying this bag around the course. This bag comes complete with a zipped water bottle pocket as well as a customisable apparel pocket and a rangefinder pocket made from stretch mesh for even more convenience and ease of organisation.

Titleist Premium Carry Bag


  • Premium lightweight fabric
  • Three-way divider
  • Double strap for comfort
  • Mini leg stand
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Ideal for convenient club transportation, this carry bag from Titleist is made from a premium lightweight fabric for even greater durability. It also features a three-way top cuff for easier equipment organisation as well as four pockets for storing essentials. These include a mesh water bottle pocket, a valuables pocket lined with velour and a full-length apparel pocket. 

There is also a fixed double strap to allow for maximum comfort and balance. This bag also features mini legs that raise the bag from the ground and protect your clubs from wet grass on rainy days.

Mizuno Brd2 Stand


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable double strap
  • Mini stand
  • Two way divider
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Capable of carrying up to 12 clubs with ease, this lightweight and well-designed bag features padded, comfortable-to-wear straps and two convenient dividers to keep your items stored conveniently. It also features a mini tripod stand which makes this bag an excellent choice for use in wet weather.