Your Guide To Indoor Golf Centres in the UK

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Play golf regardless of the weather or time of day – sounds good, right? 

Indoor Golf Centres are starting to become popular across the UK. And it’s easy to see why, with no dress codes, no lost balls, and relaxed atmospheres that will be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced players. 

So whether you’re looking for a bar atmosphere with plenty of drinks and food or you’re interested in playing a serious round of golf, there’s something for you!

The Range Putting Green

These high-tech simulators give you the chance to play famous courses from around the world where you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to tee it up. So you can have some fun recreating some shots from famous major championships or put your skills to the test and compare how you perform vs. the pros!

Whilst you play you can also capture statistics on each of your shots so you can use the data as part of your practice. Many also offer lessons from certified golf professionals. So for the serious golfer there plenty to grab your attention.

But there’s also a fun side…

The Range

Indoor golf centres give you the chance to hang out with your buddies with a few beers and laugh at their poor shots. They are a good place for a night out or a plan for a rainy afternoon.

Regardless of the experience you prefer, you have plenty of choices.

We’ve put together this guide to make you aware of the best options by region. 

Map of Indoor Golf Centres in the UK

Indoor Golf Centres in North West England

The Green Manchester

The Green is a sports bar that includes 6 indoor golf simulators with 60+ courses you can play. 

Enjoy a round of golf with your buddies in a super-casual atmosphere. You don’t want to spend your entire night hitting golf balls? No problem – The Green also offers pool, karaoke booths, and 2 bars. They also put the big football matches on some of the simulator projectors to make the ideal sports bar. 

Enjoy a great time with friends, golf, pizza, burgers, and drinks.

Cheshire Indoor Golf

Cheshire Indoor Golf is located at the Alderley Edge Golf Club and provides a great chance to work on your game indoors. 

The Trugolf E6 golf simulator provides a realistic course experience, whilst the Flightscope 3D Doppler radar captures both the ball and club to provide instant feedback on each shot. 

Looking to improve your game? You can get a lesson from a certified teaching professional or get fit for a new set of clubs. They have a fully stocked pro shop available as well for all of your golfing needs.

InSwing Indoor

InSwing Indoor is located in the Houldsworth Business & Arts Centre and offers a complete indoor golf experience. 

Play famous golf courses or receive swing analysis from a certified teaching pro. One unique offering at this venue is “Fairway Therapy” – golf conditioning, sports massage, or injury rehab. 

Literally everything you need to improve at the game you love.

Indoor Golf Centres in Yorkshire

@TheBunker – North Yorkshire

Indoor golf @The Bunker is located at the Bentham Golf Club

Enjoy 15 different courses regardless of the weather using Flightscope technology. And whilst you play, why not  order drinks and snacks and enjoy with up to 4 friends. 

Pricing is based on time and you can book to play a course or simply hit balls at the virtual driving range, so a poor weather forecast doesn’t mean you have to cancel your golfing plans!

Grooves Golf – Yorkshire

Grooves offers both indoor and outdoor facilities. They offer the opportunity to play some world calls courses including: Carnoustie, Royal Birkdale, Oakmont, Quail Hollow, Kingsbarns, Wentworth, Innisbrook & Coeur D’Alene all on their FSX 2020 SOFTWARE. 

Memberships and coaching are also available. If you happen to catch some nice weather day and don’t want to spend all day inside, head out to the short game area that is maintained consistent with USGA standards or try their 9-hole short course.

Yorkshire Golf Simulator

Yorkshire Golf Simulator offers indoor golf on a simulator that runs the GCQuad from ForeSight Golf. 

You can choose from 15 different courses and a fully stocked bar is available on site. You can book a session with friends, with an instructor, or even a private session. 

PGA professionals can also help with club or ball fitting meaning they have everything you need under one roof to enjoy the game you love when the weather turns ugly.

The Indoor Golf Academy

The Indoor Golf Academy provides you with everything you need to improve. The GC2 launch monitor technology will provide you with everything from ball speed to launch angle to help you analyse your game. 

Need to work on your putting? Get a session on the SAM Putt Lab – the SAM lab is an ultrasound putting system that has been used on tour for a couple years but is just now available to everyone. Use it to get a putting lesson or to be fit for a new putter. We could all save more strokes on the greens. 

The Simulator at Woolley Park

Woolley Park uses a simulator with state-of-the-art GC2 technology, FSX Software and 4K resolution. You can book a round and select from 30+ famous courses. 

Looking for some competition? They even offer a league that allows you to compete against other local players, whilst food and drinks can be easily ordered from the bar using an intercom system. 

Indoor Golf Centres in the Midlands

Tamworth Indoor Golf

Tamworth Indoor Golf is powered by a Foresight Sports GC2 and HMY Launch Monitor featuring the FSK simulator software. 

You can play with up to 3 friends and choose from over 40 famous courses. You can compete with your playing partners on challenges such as closest to the pin, long drive, and an “inside 6 feet” short-game contest. 

There’s also an option to book a lesson with a teaching professional and you can use the simulator to get an “on course” lesson.

Indoor Golf Centres in South East England

Let’s Golf – Surrey

Let’s Golf in Surrey simulators are manufactured and supplied by the world leading HD Golf. The quality of visuals in this system is superior to other models being used. 

If you love data, there’s no other simulator currently on the market that has the same level of precision tracking as that of HD Golf’s IST High Speed Spectrum. 

You can book a private session or play with a teaching pro. Let’s Golf also offers great rates for groups, parties, or corporate events. Play 22 different courses. This venue also has a fully stocked Callaway pro shop if you need new clubs, balls, etc.

Indoor Golf Centres in London

Urban Golf

Urban Golf is a true indoor golf experience and bar/restaurant. Their slogan is “Beers, Burgers, Music, and Golf”! You’re sure to enjoy a fun atmosphere that includes a full menu and plenty of comfortable seating for “spectators”. 

Urban Golf partnered with AboutGolf to offer state-of-the-art ball tracking. You can leverage their systems to play world famous courses such as St. Andrews or Pebble Beach. Clubs are also available at the location, but you are welcome to bring your own. 

A great way to spend an evening with your golfing buddies.

Pitch Golf

Pitch feels like an upscale restaurant with one exception. Most upscale restaurants don’t have golf simulator hitting bays! 

Order from a full menu and stocked bar while you test your golf skills, or get a lesson from your own PGA qualified Pitch instructor where you’ll have full usage of Foresight GC2 HMT and Swing catalyst double camera video analysis. Following your session, you will receive an email with all the details and data.

Tee Box London

Tee Box in London is one of the few indoor venues that uses the famous Trackman technology to provide you with a great indoor golf experience. You can play 9 holes in 30 minutes and get the data from your shots via email after your round. 

Want some help with your swing? Book a lesson with a certified instructor who will use the Trackman to assess your game and provide feedback. If you need new clubs, don’t buy off the rack – get a custom fitting at Tee Box.

North London Golf Academy

The North London Golf Academy gives you several different options for indoor golf. 

Use “The Golf Lounge” to practice on a virtual driving range or play many of the famous courses around the world. Or if you’re Interested in instruction, you can book a lesson in their 5m-wide trackman powered hitting bay. 

It’s easy to keep your game sharp during the offseason at the North London Golf Academy.

The Golf Lab

The Golf Lab is an indoor golf facility at Third Space in the heart of Canary Wharf. 

They use GC2 Simulators and FSX Software to provide you with realistic golf action. Practice on a virtual range, play famous courses, or participate in skills challenges. One unique offering is instant video swing analysis. Slow-motion replay of your swing after each shot. 

You can buy playing time or playing lessons and if needed, they can help fit you for a new set.

Metro Golf Centre

The Metro Golf Centre has the “Curve” simulator produced by AboutGolf. You can book the simulator by the hour or for group gatherings and parties. 

The indoor golf centre has an academy with several experienced teachers if you are looking for instruction. A full golf retailer is onsite (American Golf) if you need clubs, balls, or new golf gear.

Indoor Golf Centres in South West England

In Play Golf – Bristol

In Play Golf has a total of 6 high-tech golf simulators onsite. 5 are available for general use and the 6th is used for lessons and coaching. 

You will be able to select from 50+ famous courses from around the world. You pay per person, per hole and can choose between a single screen simulator and a 3-sided screen simulator. Individual lessons and club fitting are available as well.

Indoor Golf Centres in Scotland

The Golf Lounge – Lanarkshire

Play up to 50 different courses on 12’ x 15’ screen golf simulators at The Golf Lounge. While playing golf with friends, you can order from a full menu and a stocked bar. There’s plenty of comfortable seating if you have “spectators” who are more interested in the drinks than the golf. 

You can also play some pool while waiting for your turn on the “course”. Space allows for corporate events that everyone will enjoy.

Indoor Golf Studio – St Andrews

The Indoor Golf Studio in St Andrews provides you with options to tailor your experience. You can book an hour on their state of the art Trackman simulator and receive data for each shot via email. D

If you prefer to play a course, book two hours on a simulator and select where you want to play. Monthly memberships are also available. And if you need help with your game, you can book a one-time session with a certified instructor or save some money by purchasing a group of lessons (4 sessions).

Fairways Indoors – Glasgow

Fairways Indoors offers you the total golf experience. You can choose from an indoor standard driving range or try one of their simulators powered by Trackman. 

How about some short game work? They offer an indoor putting green to improve your stroke, and a truly unique offering, you can even try the indoor chipping area. Fairways Indoors has created several different types of lies and even have a sand bunker. 

They have junior clubs available and you can even book a birthday party. Try your hand at competition in one of their simulator leagues!


With all these great indoor golf centre options there no longer needs to be a golf offseason. No amount of rain, wind, or cold can prevent you from enjoying the game you love. The best part of the indoor golf centres in the UK is the variety.

The way we see it – there are two different types of players that will enjoy indoor golf. 

First, you have the golfer that is looking to improve. They don’t want to put their clubs away due to bad weather. They want to use this time to get better. If this is you, find the closest indoor golf centre that offers simulator sessions, lessons provided by certified instructors, and custom club fitting. You will love it.

Maybe you are the other type of golfer. You are either just getting started with the game or are a casual player looking for something fun to do with your buddies. If this is you, find the indoor golf centre that offers great simulated courses, food, drinks, and music. You will have a blast.

Have you tried any of these indoor golf options? Get in touch and let us know what you thought.