S*** Golf Gifts – Which Ones Have You Recieved?

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While the golf world is filled with innovative gadgets and gear that can elevate a golfer’s game, there’s also a fair share of, well, not-so-great options.

For some reason, retailers have targeted golfers and their close family and friends who know no better by manufacturing a whole range of (s**) golf gifts that nobody wants!

In this blog post, we’re diving into the realm of questionable golf gifts – those that leave us golfers scratching our heads and wondering, “Who thought this was a good idea?” 

From gimmicky gadgets to cringe-worthy accessories, we’re about to tee off on a journey through the worst golf gifts ever. 

1. Emoji Golf Balls

2. Brush & Towel Set

3.Toilet Golf


4. Golf Ball Finder Glasses

5. 10-in-1 Golf Multi Tool

6. Golf Pen Set

7. S*** Golf Balls

8. Novelty Golf Mug

9. Stroke Counter Bag Tag

10. Golf Grip Kitchen Utensils