The 10 Best Golf Books

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If you’re a keen golfer, the thought of going on holiday for a couple of weeks without playing golf may make you a little nervous! But fear not.

We’ve got you covered with our best golf book picks which are sure to satisfy your golfing bug if you can’t make it out on the course.

You’ll be delighted to discover that there loads of great golf books out there. Read on to find out more about our recommendations. We’re sure you’ll find some reading material that’s perfect for you in this list.

The Best Golf Books

If you’re not a reader or simply don’t have the time, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on these great books. 

You have no excuse as you can listen to a handful of these books on Audible, so you can even take these great stories in while on the go. 

And the best part is, if you sign up for a Free Audible trial you’ll even get your first book for free (to keep), even if you cancel! If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll get two. 

We’ve added an (A) next to the titles that are available on Audible to make it easy for you. 

1. Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect – Bob Rotella (A)

Bob Rotella is a sports psychologist and coach who writes in an engaging and fascinating way about his own experiences with golfers. 

In this book, Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect, he presents interesting anecdotes about those he has worked with during his career while offering helpful advice about the best ways to handle the game’s more challenging mental aspects as well as how to accept your own personal limits and potentials.

2. Putting Out of Your Mind – Bob Rotella (A)

Bob Rotella books are so good that we had to include two of his books in our recommendations for 2020. 

I personally reread Putting Out of Your Mind every year. It’s a fascinating read where Rotella explains that great putting requires a unique mental approach.

He reveals his own tips and tricks to help every golfer, regardless of their level of ability to master this essential skill.

3. Bring Me the Head of Sergio Garcia – Tox Cox

Bring me the head of sergio garcia book

As a child, Tom dreamed of becoming a professional golfer. After he turned 30, those dreams materialised once more; so he switched off his computer, grabbed his checked trousers and headed for the golf course. 

Bring Me The Head Of Sergio Garcia is the story of one man’s pursuit of his dreams. It’s hilarious in parts and is very relatable. 

4. No Limits – Ian Poulter (A)

This autobiography is penned by the freshest and most individual voice in golf today. Ian Poulter is a charismatic golfer, whose appeal extends far beyond the sport.

In this book, No Limits, he tells the story of his life, from his job in the club shop right up to his Ryder Cup success.

5. Seve: The Autobiography – Severiano Ballesteros

Seve autobiography book

This autobiography from the famous Spanish golfer is now being made into a movie and it’s a great read for anyone with an interest in the sport. The naturally gifted golfer tells his story in Seve: The Autobiography, from his receipt of a golf club as a gift from his brother to his latest successes.

I found the childhood of Seve fascinating. Unlike a lot of golfers, his family didn’t have much money. The stories of him sneaking onto golf courses after hours and hitting stones with 3 irons are a great insight into what his early life was like.

6. The Lost Art of Putting – Gary Nicol and Karl Morris

This book introduces a brand new and innovative approach to putting that can help golfers of all abilities to excel on the green. 

The Lost Art Of Putting explores the idea that having a childlike passion for putting is one of the best ways to boost your ability and to help you improve your handicap.

If you like this, you can also check out their latest bit of work – The Lost Art of Playing Golf

7. The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods (A)

Even those who have no interest in golf have heard of Tiger Woods, and The Big Miss is his swing coach’s own story.

Covering the period in which Woods was able to claim six of his major titles, Haney’s frank memoir tries to understand his former pupil in more depth.

It’s a fascinating read for anyone, even people who have little more than a passing interest in the sport.

8. A life well played: My Stories – Arnold Palmer (A)

Palmer’s parting gift to the world of golf is a trove of fascinating wisdom and entertaining anecdotes that every reader, whether a golfer or not, is sure to cherish and celebrate.

Arguably, there are few people around the globe who have had such a major impact on the sport than Palmer, and many players believe that he is possibly history’s most iconic professional golfer.

A Life Well Played examines many of the experiences that Palmer had during his lifetime, retelling old stories but putting them in a new light, and bringing brand new insights and details that will delight and interest in equal measure.

9. The Bogey Man: A month on the PGA Tour – George Plimpton

This colourful tale of a weekend hack features countless characters that will be all-too-familiar to anyone who has taken to the green themselves.

Not only describing players but also officials, caddies, fans and hangers-on, The Bogey Man by Plimpton is funny, clever and endlessly entertaining.

10. A Course Called Ireland – Tom Coyne

If you’re looking for an easy-to-read book that will entertain you on several levels, you should certainly make A Course Called Ireland your top choice in 2020. Written in a similar style to A Walk in The Woods by Bill Bryson, this magnificent tour of a book describes the joys of Ireland while also focusing on the greatest game in the world.

I first got wind of Tom on the Tour Sauce series from No Laying Up. Tom joined the NLU guys on their golfing trip in Ireland and had some good stories to share and clearly a passion for Irish golf. 

His book (A Course Called Ireland) tells the tale of his own Irish golfing trip where he went on a 16-week-long on-foot trek around the whole country as playing at each seaside course! There are some excellent photos of in the book (and NLU YouTube series) of him battling the elements.

There’s also much more to this book than just golf. In it, he also goes back to his roots, learns about the history of Ireland and, of course, spends a disproportionate amount of time in traditional Irish pubs. It’s compulsive reading!

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Enjoy Your Favourite Golfing Reads

Whether you’re a fan of watching golf or playing it, any of these titles is sure to be a top bet for your bookshelf this year. 

When you’re looking for the best golf books in stores today, you’re sure to find something in this list that ticks all your boxes and helps to whet your appetite in between rounds at your local course!

If you think you have a better read, then please do get in touch with us and let us know!