Best Spikeless Golf Shoes

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Spikeless golf shoes have soared in popularity over the past few years. 

When they originally came to market, golfers were skeptical whether they would provide as much grip as traditional spikes but the technology has progressed they offer as much performance as traditional cleats.

The rise in popularity has come in conjunction with some golf clubs relaxing their dress codes slightly meaning spikeless golf shoes can be used both on and off the golf course. Lightweight and comfier than less flexible spiked shoes, they are even preferred by some tour pros.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourites split by budget to help you decide which ones invest in this season.

Premium Spikeless Golf Shoes

Ecco S-Three


  • Gore-tex 100% Waterproof
  • Outer Material: Other Leather
  • Inner Material: Manmade
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The S-Three comes from the brand that arguably brought spikeless golf shoes to the market when Fred Couples finished 6th at the 2010 Masters wearing one of the first pairs of spikeless Ecco Golf Shoes. 

These slick looking modern day versions not only look good, but are built from 100% GORE-TEX technology meaning they are fully waterproof. Classed as hybrid shoes, the outer sole is made from sturdier GORE-TEX technology that provides excellent traction even in wet weather.

FootJoy Pro SL


  • 1 year waterproof guarantee
  • Perimeter weighted outsole allows for extreme stability
  • Performance 100% waterproof leather outer
  • Can be worn on or off the course wth great versatility
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The original FootJoy Pro SL was one of the best selling spikeless golf shoes in its year of launch and widely popular on tour. The new style builds on last year’s success and sets the standard for premium golf shoes again. 

The Pro SL features a new Infinity Outsole which boasts up to 30% more traction and stability. Supple cushioning and a Dual-Density midsole also enables you to get the most of your power whilst providing balance and comfort. They are 100% waterproof, backed with a 1 year waterproof guarantee. 

They also look pretty awesome!

Ecco Biom Hybrid 3


  • GORE-TEX 100% Waterproof Technology
  • 1 year waterproof guarantee
  • Biom Natural Motion technology
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An extension to the popular Biom Hybrid line, the Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 delivers street style with biom technology for unrivalled performance. 

The YAK leather uppers are up to three times stronger than traditional leather and are backed with a 1 year waterproof guarantee. The shoes also feature Ecco’s Tri-Fi-Grip which offer three different zones of stability, durability and rotational support to help you get the most from your swing.  

Under Armour HOVR Show SL GTX


  • 2-Year Waterproof Guarantee
  • Clarino® Microfiber Upper (with GORE-TEX®)
  • UA HOVR™ Technology
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As you’d expect from one of the leading technical sports brands, Under Armour spikeless golf shoes have a bigger focus on performance than style. That’s not to say they are ugly, far from it. The shoes are less casual than some of the others we’ve picked out, but there’s good reason behind the design. 

The shoes are designed with a breathable Clarino microfiber upper combined with a lightweight waterproof membrane to keep your feet cool and dry. They’re so confident that they offer a 2 year OGRE-TEX waterproof warranty. 

Meanwhile the HOVR technology is designed to support your natural movement in the golf swing and provide a zero gravity feel. This conserves your energy and helps eliminate the impact in each step to help you concentrate on your game.

Mid Range Spikeless Golf Shoes

Puma Ignite NXT


  • Ultra stable platform
  • Ignite Foam
  • Microfibre Upper – Supportive, breathable and 100% waterproof
  • 1 year waterproof guarantee
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A casual looking shoe but with performance built under the hood. The Puma Ignite NXT shoes are built with Ignite foam which provides responsive comfort and stable cushioning all while preserving your energy. 

Combined with the organically designed traction sole, they help deliver more grip to help you deliver more power. Layered with a performance mesh and TPU outer, you even get a 1 year waterproof guarantee with these golf shoes.

FootJoy Flex XP


  • Waterproof mesh
  • Lightweight performance
  • Breathability and all-day comfort
  • 1 year waterproof guarantee
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These mid-range option shoes from FootJoy are a little more casual compared to the FootJoy Pro SL, but they still come packed with performance. 

They are designed to be as lightweight as possible but still offer a 1 year waterproof guarantee. The Versa-Trax outsole features strategically placed traction to deliver optimum on course and off course grip.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 4


  • Waterproof leather upper
  • 1 year waterproof guarantee
  • Super flexible outsole
  • Low drop design to keep your foot low to the ground
  • High performance UltraFlight Cushioning
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Sketchers have developed a bit of a reputation for making some of the most comfiest golf shoes on the market and the Go Golf Elite 4 are no different. 

They are the spikeless version of the official tour worn pro shoes so they don’t only look good and feel comfy, but they perform well too. They feature a waterproof leather upper anc also come with a 1 year waterproof guarantee.

Value Spikeless Golf Shoes

adidas Adicross Retro Golf Shoes


  • Classic Inspired Design With Leather Uppers
  • 70 strategically placed lugs for optimal grip
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight sockliner provides everlasting cushioning
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A more casual trainer design, these Adicross Retro golf shoes will look good both on and off the golf course. They are available in a range of colours so there’s bound to be a pair that suit you.

Although the design focuses more on comfort there are some neat features such as the Traxion outside tread that ensure they deliver from a performance perspective. The shoes also feature a leather lined and synthetic upper which is both wind and drizzle repellent so even if you get caught out by the British weather, chances are your feet will stay dry and warm. 

Nike Roshe Golf Shoes


  • Minimal, lightweight mesh provides breathable comfort
  • TPU heel counter delivers a stable feel
  • 1 year non-waterproof guarantee
  • Iconic design with long lasting comfort
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Inspired by the popular Roshe trainers, Nike have brought the range to the golf course with the Roshe Golf Shoes. Like the trainers these sleek looking golf shoes feature a lightweight mesh upper which provide breathable comfort.

In that sense, they are probably more suited for summer as they don’t offer a waterproof guarantee. What they do offer is superior comfort, durability and grip thanks to the low profile and integrated traction pattern on the sole.

adidas Bounce 2 Golf Shoes


  • Lightweight and supportive Forgeframe
  • External TPU heel cap
  • Cushioned Cloudfoam midsole
  • Flexible Bounce midsole cushioning
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The adidas Bounce 2 golf shoes are built to transfer from the course to the street with ease. They look and feel like trainers and it’s the typical shoe that you can drive to the course in, go to the range and into the clubhouse without having to change your shoes. 

The sock-like construction hug your feet to provide maximum comfort and they feature Cloudfoam cushioning and a flexible Bounce midsole to deliver optimum support, feel and flexibility. As well as being lightweight and durable, they offer excellent value for money.

Spikeless Golf Shoes vs. Spiked Golf Shoes (Cleats), which is better?

When spikeless golf shoes first came onto the scene, they were generally perceived as an option for golfers who wanted to drive to range and hit some balls without having to change shoes. Or simply grab their golf bag on an evening after work and play a few holes without too much fuss.

It’s fair to say they weren’t considered as serious performance shoes. Certainly not suitable for professionals and low handicap amateurs with high swing speeds. That was until Fred Couples and a few other tour pros started wearing them on tour. They swore by the assistance the shoes provided on their lower back strains compared to traditional cleats. 

Since then, manufacturers have invested thousands into technical traction patterns on the golf shoes. The result is that most spikeless shoes now grip and perform throughout the swing equal to traditional spikes. 

Generally spikes will perform better in wet or hilly conditions but it’s more of a 50/50 choice depending on which each player prefers. For example I recently played in spikes in the frost and they were awful. They kept slipping from underneath me which made me swing much slower. The next time I wore my spikeless shoes without any issues. 

So if they are fairly equal in performance what else is there to consider?

Well, the big attraction of spikeless shoes is that you can wear them off the course too. I’m not suggesting you can go to the gym in your golf shoes, but you can easily drive to the course in them, go into the bar (of most forward thinking clubs) or nip to the range in them. 

Also as there’s no need to fix spikes to the bottom of a spikeless shoe, there’s no clunky rigid soles that some spiked shoes have. Spikeless shoes are generally made from lighter material and the shoes are lighter as a consequence. They are typically more comfortable too for the same reasons. 

But ultimately the choice will come down to the individual. Some golfers will value the support and additional performance benefits of spiked golf shoes, whereas others will see the benefits from spikeless golf shoes.

What else should I consider when buying spikeless golf shoes?

Generally, once you’ve decided whether you want to go spikeless or not, the other factors that come into consideration are the same as buying any golf shoes.

Are they waterproof?

If you’re a fair weather golfer then this may not be at the top of your criteria when choosing which golf shoes to buy. 

However, if you have more of a “the course is open so we play” mentality or regularly play golf throughout winter you may want to consider investing a little more in some waterproof golf shoes. 

Most of our premium picks offer a 1 year waterproof guarantee, whereas the value range typically don’t. As a result you’re probably going to have to part with a little more cash to guarantee your feet won’t be left cold and wet! Either that or you could invest in a pair of waterproof socks…


A round of golf typically takes four to four and a half hours so you’ll want some shoes that allow your feet to breath. If you’re buying spikeless golf shoes for the summer and have a different pair of winter shoes then it makes sense to pick some shoes which are more breathable. 

If you play throughout the year with the same shoes you’ll want to balance breathability with how waterproof or windproof the shoes are. 


As we’ve already commented, the technology for the molded spikes on the bottom of spikeless golf shoes has progressed a lot over the past few years. 

Casual spikeless golf shoes will offer sufficient grip and traction for most golfers, but if you’re an elite player with high swing speed you may want to consider a more performance led golf shoe. 


The material of the shoe will likely dictate the weight of the shoe. Of course you need to factor in whether you need the shoes to be waterproof and durable, but you shouldn’t overlook the weight of the shoe.

Most spikeless golf shoes are already lighter than their spiked counterparts as they don’t need the thicker soles and fixings for spikes. This will help you conserve your energy for your golf game and make the shoes more comfortable to walk in.

However within the spikeless market there are some that will weigh less than others. If you play several times a week this could make a big difference.