What To Do With Old Golf Clubs

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When you are an avid player of any sport, your equipment becomes a treasured belonging. In golf this is especially true, with so many different brands and types of club they are key to your performance, and ultimately, your enjoyment from the game.

But technology in golf moves on quickly. So what was one season’s hottest piece of equipment, can quickly become a burden to your game.

For that reason, golfers tend to change their clubs quite regularly. And as is the case with most material things, there comes a time when you need to part with your beloved clubs.

Given the fact they’ve provided you with so many memories, It’s only natural that you don’t want to watch your prized possessions be tossed to the scrap yard or gather dust in the garage.

However, there are plenty of more positive options regarding what you can do with your old golf clubs.

Below we have compiled a list of suggestions and hopefully you can find one to your taste. 

Things to consider before getting rid of old golf clubs

Before deciding what to do with your old golf clubs there are certain things that you need to consider which will impact you decision.

  • Condition – One of the first things to consider is how good condition the golf clubs are in. To sell them, donate them or use them for tutoring they need to be in relatively good condition where as to recycle them as alternative things, this is less important. Make sure you consider more than just the club head though. The shafts and grips should be in decent shape if you want to sell them too.
  • Age – Regardless of the condition, clubs that use technology that is out of date (such as wooden drivers) aren’t going to fetch you much money or be very playable if donating them to beginners.
  • How much they are worth– When deciding what to do with your old golf clubs it is important to consider how much they are worth. If you can get a good amount of money for them it might be a good idea to sell them. If you are likely to profit very little it may be much easier to donate or reuse them in a new way. 
  • How much time you have– Some of the suggested options (like selling clubs online) take a fair amount of your time. You need to take photos, create the ads, answer peoples questions etc. so it is important to consider how much time you have when deciding what to do with your old golf clubs. 

Once you’ve worked out the above, it’s time to review the options you have to get rid of your clubs.

1. Sell them

The first option is to sell your old clubs. Selling your clubs is a great way of getting rid of them, while also making a bit of a profit that you can even put to your new clubs. It’s a win-win as another golfer gets some new clubs at a discounted price.

Selling your clubs online

It’s become much easier to sell your old golf clubs (and equipment in general) as the online sales market has grown exponentially over the past decade.

There are now many platforms that allow you to sell your products easily including, below are our favourites.

eBay allows you to sell pretty much anything to anyone, anywhere. The marketplace has an active group of people that will be already searching for golf clubs and you can list yours amongst the others that are available.

Facebook Marketplace can work the same way however, it is more aimed at finding local people to buy your products, this way you can avoid postage costs and any potential scams. 

Golfbidder is another option which is a specialist marketplace for only used golf equipment in the UK. The advantage of Golfbidder is that the company will buy them directly from you (usually within less than 24 hours) meaning you don’t even have to wait to find a buyer. All you need to do is input the details on the model of the club and away you go!

Sell your old clubs in person

When it comes to second-hand items, selling face to face at an event or at a stall can be more effective than selling them online. Golf clubs are the type of product people want to hold and touch to check they are right for them before purchasing.

So selling face to face does have its advantages. It also means that people can’t dispute the quality when they see them, like they can if they are posted out to them.

This way you can work on a sold-as-seen basis. It also allows you to answer any questions and create personalised sales pitches.

A good way to sell them in person would be to list your clubs on sale or swap boards in your local community, take them to a car boot sale or any other event like that.

2. Trade them in

Instead of going through the hassle of selling your golf clubs yourself, you could trade them in when you buy your new ones.Much like when you buy a new car, many golf pro shops will take your old clubs off you for a discounted price on your new bats.

You probably won’t get as much for them as you would selling them yourself (after all the pro has to make some kind of margin) but it’ll save you hours of hassle.

Most pro shops will offer this service and even some bigger retailers such as American Golf offer this in their stores. They even occasionally have double trade-in value weeks, so it’s worth keeping an eye out to see if you can save a chunk of money!

3. Donate them

If your clubs are in good condition but perhaps not worth all that much money, or you simply don’t have the time to be bothered listing them online, then donating them is a good way to make sure they get further use.

Donate them a golf club

Although donating your old clubs isn’t a profitable way of getting rid of them, it is a meaningful one. Many golf clubs will take clubs as donations and give them away to new young golfers looking to take up the game. If you’re a passionate golfer, then the prospect of helping to get young people into golf may be very rewarding to you.

Golf is an expensive sport to start playing, and not everyone can always afford new equipment so yours could make all of the difference. 

Give them to a relative

If your golf clubs are particularly special to you then gifting them to a family member may be your best option as you can trust that they are being well looked after.

It could also feel really rewarding to know that you are supporting your child, grandchild, niece or nephew to get into the sport. 

Donate them to a charity shop

If you’re not a member of the club or none of your family members are looking to start playing golf, then donating them to a charity shop is another good way to get rid of them whilst helping others out. Someone will be able to pick up a cheap set of clubs, whilst the charity will benefit from the donation and sale too.

4. Reuse them for other things

If your clubs aren’t in condition to sell or donate and the prospect of throwing them away fills you with regret, then reusing your old clubs as something else is another option. Below are some of the creative things that golfers have turned their old clubs into.

Coat Hooks

For craftier people making coat hooks is a great way of reusing old golf clubs. To do this you simply cut the golf shaft a few inches above the ferrule.

The next step is to secure it into a hole on a block of wood. This simple process leaves you with some very unique coat hooks. If you still wanted to make a profit, you could choose to sell the coat hooks. 


The chances are that if you have old golf clubs to get rid of, then you will probably also have an old golf bag. Most golf bags have a number of pockets, making them great storage spaces for garden tools. For your longer garden tools, you can add them to your golf bag as you would with golf clubs.

Once again, you could keep this new storage for yourself to enjoy or sell it to make some extra money. 

Final thoughts

It is completely up to you what you do with your old golf clubs but hopefully our suggestions will help you to come up with a solution that is right for you.

Depending on many factors, you may wish to reuse them, recycle them, sell them or donate them.