Golf courses in Gloucestershire

Like many of the counties in the South West of England, Gloucestershire is blessed with natural beauty. The Cotswold Hills, Forest of Dean and River Severn Valley are three main areas that all contribute to form large areas of the county. 


The diverse landscape is what makes Gloucestershire great for golf. And golf has been played here for a long time. Gloucestershire Ladies’ County Golf Association Gloucestershire Golf Union are two of the oldest in England having been formed in 1903 and 1906 respectively. 


Whilst none of the courses feature in the top 100 lists, there’s plenty to admire in Gloucestershire. In total there are 29 golf courses on offer in the county, all offering something slightly different. 


Despite being founded in just 1997, The Kendleshire would be our top pick in the region. The club is home to 3 loops of 9 holes, meaning that combined, there are 3 different 18 holes courses to play. 


The Hollow and Ruffet are the original 9 holes (and probably the best way to play here), with the layout having been used on the Euro Pro Tour circuit. 


Minchinhampton Golf Club is another venue with plenty of options. The club goes one better than The Kendleshire and offers three different 18 hole golf courses. 


The Avening Course and The Cherington Course are both Championship golf courses offering stern tests of golf. For that reason they have both been regularly selected to host National Championships, county events and Regional Open Qualifying.


Wherever you choose, you can’t go wrong in Gloucestershire. You can check out all of the golf courses in the county below. 

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