Golf courses in Lanarkshire

Welcome to the verdant landscapes and rich golfing heritage of Lanarkshire, Scotland—a region that beckons both seasoned golfers and those new to the game. Lanarkshire, steeped in history and natural beauty, boasts an array of golf courses that seamlessly blend challenging play with breathtaking surroundings.


Lanarkshire’s golfing tapestry is woven with courses designed by renowned architects, each offering a unique experience for players of all skill levels. From undulating fairways to strategically placed bunkers and immaculate greens, these courses showcase the diverse topography and natural features that define Scottish golf.


Explore the picturesque courses that adorn the Lanarkshire landscape, where centuries-old trees line fairways, and panoramic views unfold at every turn. Whether you’re navigating a par 3 nestled in the heart of ancient woodlands or conquering a challenging par 5 with the majestic Scottish scenery as your backdrop, Lanarkshire’s golf courses promise an unforgettable journey for golfers seeking both skillful play and aesthetic delight.


Beyond the fairways, Lanarkshire’s golf clubs are vibrant communities, welcoming visitors with warm hospitality. Enjoy post-round camaraderie in well-appointed clubhouses, where tales of triumphs and challenges are shared over a post-round refreshment.


As you explore golf courses in Lanarkshire, you’ll discover not only the thrill of the game but also the opportunity to immerse yourself in the region’s rich cultural and historical heritage. From iconic landmarks to charming villages, Lanarkshire offers a tapestry of experiences that extend beyond the greens.


Whether you’re a local golfer or a visitor seeking the allure of Scottish golf, Lanarkshire’s courses invite you to tee off in a region where every swing is accompanied by the echoes of tradition and the beauty of the Scottish countryside. Come and discover the golfing treasures that make Lanarkshire a destination of choice for those who appreciate the perfect blend of sport, nature, and culture.