Best Push Golf Trolleys

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For that perfect round of golf and a great day out on the course, you need to invest in a great golf trolley. 

If you’re not quite ready to commit to an electric golf trolley, there are plenty of excellent push golf trolley options available. Typically they are much cheaper, lighter, and generally fold away into a much smaller size. 

Golf trolley manufacturers have also been working hard to make sure they roll great on the golf course and these days, a decent push golf trolley will run smooth on the course with minimal force. 

Not only do these great pieces of equipment allow you to transport your golf bag with ease, but they also give you lots of extra storage, and better yet, you can avoid those aches and pains from carrying a golf bag around for 3 – 4 hours.

The Best Push Golf Trolleys

To help you find the best golf trolley for you, we’ve rounded up the very best push golf trolleys available today. We’ll highlight their best features so you can pick one that’s the best for you.

1. Clicgear Golf 4.0 Golf Trolley


  • Compact folded size
  • Front-wheel engaged hand brake
  • Maintenance-free foam tyres
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If you have a higher budget, the Clicgear 4.0 could be the best push golf trolley. This push golf trolley is built with a robust frame and 3 wheels so you can get around the course with ease. It also features an adjustable handlebar with long-lasting foam handles that are super comfortable.

This push trolley comes with a large storage net, drink holder, and umbrella holder, and a large console below the handlebar to store your scorecard, pencil, balls, and tees. The best thing about this trolley is that it comes with 4 mounts so you can customise your trolley with Clicgear accessories for the perfect golfing experience.

2. Motocaddy Cube Push Trolley


  • Compact folded size
  • Two-step folding mechanism
  • Foot parking brake
  • Adjustable bag supports
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This aluminium Motocaddy Cube Push Trolley uses a simple two-step folding mechanism to allow it to fit in small spaces, for transportation and storage, with a lock so that it won’t unfold unexpectedly. The oversized, friction-free wheels and the ergonomic handle make this push golf trolley easy to push, whatever the terrain.

This push golf trolley comes with a hanging net for storage, a compartment to hold your more valuable belongings, drink holder, scorecard holder, tee and ball holders, and an umbrella holder for those damp days. Overall the trolley is well built and has a preimum feel about it. You can read our full review of the Motocaddy Cube trolley to find out more.

3. Big Max Blade Quattro


  • 4-wheel design for more stability on slopes
  • Folds with one simple click and a movement
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Foot brake
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One of the more expensive push golf trolleys on our list is the Big Max Blade Quattro. This product is super stylish, seriously lightweight, yet solid and hardy. 

The trolley uses flat-fold technology to ensure that it is quick and easy to fold and lies flat to make transportation and storage as convenient as possible. The adjustable bag brackets make this push trolley suitable for any bag size.

4. Powakaddy Twinline 4 Push Cart

Powakaddy Twinline 4 Push Cart


  • Foot parking brake
  • Ergonomic handle with a soft-touch and height adjustment
  • Compact folded size
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Available in Classic Black and Polar White, the trendy Powakaddy Twinline 4 Push Cart is made from an aluminium frame, which allows it to be strong but lightweight. It is super easy to unfold and collapses down quickly into a compact size, so is one of the best push golf trolleys for ease of transportation. This trolley is designed with 3-wheels for added stability and makes pushing and pulling effortless on all terrains.

This push trolley comes with a drink holder, scorecard holder, storage for balls and tees, as well as adjustable straps to hold any golf bag securely in place.

5. Caddytek One-Click Folding Golf Trolley Version 3


  • Press on/off foot brake
  • Adjustable, ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight
  • Umbrella holder as standard
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This trolley from Caddytek is made from aluminium (weighing less than 8kg) and folds away into a compact size with simply one click of a button for easy transportation. 

The trolley is fitted with 2 front wheels and 2 back wheels that give it the advantage on any terrain, with maximum traction and perfect balance.  

This push golf trolley comes with a storage net on the handle, storage compartment for your scorecard and other belongings, umbrella holder, and a basket with a built-in cooler, perfect for those hot summer days!

6. Motocaddy P1


  • One-step folding mechanism with a folding lock
  • Maintenance-free rubber tyres
  • Foot parking brake
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The Motocaddy P1 is an ultra-modern push trolley with 3 oversize, friction-free wheels to make navigating the golf course as smooth as possible. For that added comfort, it is also fitted with an ergonomic handle that can be adjusted according to your height, and the adjustable bag supports fit for any size.

This push trolley comes with a large storage net, drink holder, scorecard holder, ball and tee holders, umbrella holder fitting, and a compartment for your other belongings.

Choose from either graphite with blue accents or graphite with red accents.

7. Stewart Golf RS-1

Stewart Golf R1-S Rush


  • Rack & pinion driven folding mechanism
  • Press on/off foot brake
  • Soft-touch silicone handle
  • Adjustable bag jaws
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The Stewart Golf RS-1 was designed with the wheels at the forefront of their minds to grant you the power to glide around the golf course. 

The 3 wheels are widely set for added stability and are fitted with dual ball bearings to allow them to roll freely and can be easily swapped out for their ‘hedgehog’ wheels for those more demanding winter days. 

The frame of this trolley is stylish and comes in 2 different colours, white or black, and with 5 different colour options for wheels, you can easily make this push trolley your own.

This push trolley is fitted with a magnetic ball marker, drink holder, ball holder, and umbrella holder.

8. Motocaddy Z1 Push Trolley


  • Foot parking brake
  • Adjustable bag supports
  • Two-step folding mechanism
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The most affordable push golf trolley on our list is the Motocaddy Z1, coming in at under £120. This lightweight trolley is made with 3 friction-free oversized wheels with maintenance-free rubber tyres for easy manoeuvrability, along with an ergonomic, height-adjustable handle for your comfort.

This push golf trolley comes with a drink holder, scorecard holder, a compartment for valuables and accessories, tee and ball holders, and an umbrella holder.

With a pick of eight, you’re sure to find the best push golf trolley in this pick of best push golf trolleys for 2020.

What to consider when buying a push golf trolley

Before committing to buying your push golf trolley, make sure you consider the below.


Storing your golf trolley is one of the top considerations. It needs to fit into the boot of your car comfortably to allow space for a set of golf clubs alongside anything else you take to and from the course.

Consider your space where you’ll store the trolley when not playing golf too. If, like me, and you live in a city centre flat, every centimetre counts! Likewise, if you’re going to store the trolley in a locker at the golf club you’re also going to be limited. 

Finally, whilst four wheel trolleys may be more stable on the course, they tend to occupy more space off it! Consider opting for a three wheeled trolley or a trolley where the wheels can be detached. 

If space is a key consideration for you, you can also check out our smallest folding golf trolleys buying guide.


Although you may not have to carry your golf bag around the golf course when using a push trolley, you’ll still have to push it around 18 holes! 

A lighter trolley will make this a lot easier for you and save your energy for your golf game. In wet conditions you’ll notice this even more when the ground can slow your trolley wheels down and you’ll have the extra weight in your bag from waterproofs, umbrellas, extra towels and other items to keep you dry.

The likelihood is you’ll also need to load the trolley into the car each time you drive to and from from the golf club. A lighter trolley will help make this easier and potentially prevent any injuries!


Pushf trolleys tend to come in three different materials. 

  • Aluminium – one of the lightest materials available for golf trolleys and is therefore very popular. However, it does tend to dent easily so you will need to keep this in mind when using the trolley. 
  • Titanium – another lightweight metal used in the construction of golf trolleys and is tougher than aluminium. 
  • Steel – this is very robust but can weigh more than the other two options.


The stability of a push golf trolley is another factor to consider. Unlike electric golf trolleys which have motors to power the trolley forward, push golf trolleys are designed to roll easier on the ground to make the trolleys easier to push. 

If you regularly play on a particularly hilly course make sure you invest in a trolley with decent brakes as they will otherwise easily roll down a hill (as they are designed to do) whilst you’re unaware, putting on the green.

The number of wheels also affects the stability of the trolley. The last thing you want is your trolley to be falling over sideways and all your clubs falling out. Two-wheeled trolley will generally not be as stable as a three-wheeled trolley but there are also four wheeled options if this is a key consideration. 

Ease of Assembly

Most golf trolleys today have simple but clever fold-up designs. No modern trolley should be difficult to assemble but some can take longer e.g. if you prefer a trolley with detachable wheels due to space considerations, it’s likely to take longer to put together than one without.

Think about what is more important for you.


Lastly, it’s important to consider the accessories that come with a golf trolley. By accessories, I’m referring to umbrella holders, winter wheels, GSP device holders, drinks holders, scorecard holders etc. 

These are all designed to make your life easier when playing golf.

It’s pretty standard that most push golf trolleys will come with a ball holder, tee holder or scorecard holder built into the handle, but some trolleys go further and offer umbrella holders as standard. Not only will this make it easier to play golf in the rain, but it may also save you a bit of money – buying an umbrella holder as an extra may set you back £20 or so. 

It’s one to bear in mind if you’re stuck between a couple of options. 

Likewise, if this is important to you, make sure you pick a brand that offers accessories you may want later. You can buy universal accessories, but not all of them fit easily onto all trolleys. So, before committing to your trolley consider what you may need later down the line and whether you can easily add this to the trolley.