Best Winter Golf Boots

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No one enjoys getting soaked through or being stranded on the course for 4 hours, freezing cold wishing you’d had a lie-in instead!

In order to enjoy your golf in winter it’s important you invest in the right gear to feel comfortable in all the conditions that will be thrown at you!

While you’re probably not crazy enough to be playing a round of golf in the snow, chances are you will be playing in the damp and cold conditions that the UK tends to bless us with throughout the winter months. Whether it’s the rain or the dew on the grass in the morning, you want to ensure you keep your feet warm and dry when playing in winter conditions.

You may have already been considering the purchase of waterproof golf shoes but there some are reasons why you may opt to go one step further and invest in some winter golf boots.

Below we will take a look at some of the reasons why you would choose winter golf boots over waterproof golf shoes. We will then move on to review some of the best winter golf boots currently available.

Footjoy Men's Fj Boot Golf Shoes

Robust winter golf boots from the brand regarded as the number one shoe in golf.

Adidas Climaproof BOA Golf Boots

One of the best winter golf boots on the market with superior comfort and stability in difficult conditions.

adidas Golf S2G Mid-Cut Boots

One the newer models to the market offer excellent durability and a 1 year waterproof guarantee.

Winter Golf Boots vs. Golf Shoes

If you’re a hard-core golfer then it’s worth considering some winter golf boots as part of your winter golfing attire.

Design Differences

Waterproof golf shoes are great for playing in wet conditions during the summer months but they are not designed for constant use in winter conditions.

Your golf shoes will likely be fine for the occasional round of wet weather golf, but if you plan on playing a lot throughout the winter, you need a pair of golf boots designed to keep your feet not only dry but warm.

Most regular golf shoes are designed for summer use and are not made to keep feet warm. If you’re a regular in the winter roll up then consider winter golf boots as an option.

Keep Your Summer Shoes in Good Condition

If you own a pair of waterproof golf shoes you enjoy using throughout the summer, you may be tempted to keep using them in the winter.

However, having not been designed to cope with winter conditions, you may quickly see deterioration in the shoes. The last thing you want is to ruin your favourite pair of golf shoes and the best way to avoid that is by using winter golf boots.


Playing golf in the UK in winter will mean coping with wet, muddy, and frosty conditions under foot.

The best winter golf boots have been designed with that in mind meaning they have the traction to cope with slippery and wet courses.

Spikeless golf shoes may offer great traction in normal playing conditions, but they won’t offer the same level of traction in difficult conditions and that could lead to you slipping and losing balance when playing shots.


The leading winter golf boots have been designed to clean easily following a round of golf in testing conditions.

The same cannot be said about summer golf shoes and you will find it difficult to keep them clean having played in wet or frosty conditions.

Best Winter Golf Boots

With all of the information above in mind, let’s take a look at the best winter golf boots!

Stuburt Evolve Sport Winter Golf Boots


  • Waterproof guarantee
  • Cushioned insole
  • High lacing system
  • Good value
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These winter golf boots come with a waterproof guarantee and have been designed using synthetic material. By using high end microfiber uppers, the Stuburt Evolve Sport Winter Golf Boots prevent your feet from swelling during a round, making the boot extremely comfortable.

Using the same design found on hiking boots, the high lacing system adds to the overall comfort of playing golf in the Stuburt Evolve Sports Winter Golf Boots.

Footjoy Men’s Boot Golf Shoes


  • Rugged design for extreme playing conditions
  • Interior lace and zippered closure for added protection
  • Good underfoot comfort and heel support
  • Cleated outsole provides great traction and durability
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In terms of waterproof protection, the Footjoy Men’s Boot Golf Shoes are great thanks to the combination of lace and zip-up closure. Having tied the laces of the boot, you can then use the zip to fully close the boot against the elements, adding an additional waterproof layer.

The lightweight cushioned fit beds provide plenty of comfort underfoot and the under sole is fitted with Pulsar Cleats to give plenty of traction on difficult terrain.

Adidas CP Traxion Golf Boots


  • Seam-sealed climaproof boot
  • Lace-up closure
  • Cushioned Cloudfoam midsole
  • X-Traxion primary lugs for grip and balance
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Featuring a subtle Adidas logo on the tongue and the three strips on the side, the Adidas CP Traxion Golf Boots come complete with X-Traxion primary lugs for grip and balance. In addition, the Thintech EXP cleats are ideal when playing on the green, preventing the sort of damage caused by using poorly designed boots.

Using a metal eyelet interlocking system, this ensures the Adidas CP Traxion Golf Boots can be fitted comfortably. They are waterproof and the microfiber leather used in the construction means the boots are lightweight.

Adidas Climaproof BOA Golf Boots


  • Waterproof climaproof material
  • 6-spike TPU outsole construction for tremendous grip and stability
  • BOA speed Lacing system
  • Expensive but worth it
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Sticking with adidas, we come to their Climaproof BOA Golf Boots.

Widely regarded by many as being the best winter golf boots on the market, these golf boots will set you back a bit but they are worth every penny. In terms of comfort, room, and stability when playing in difficult conditions the Adidas Climaproof BOA Golf Boots are tough to beat.

The BOA lacing System adds an extra element to this winter golf boot and means you do not have to try and lace up the boots yourself on a cold morning. In terms of keeping feet dry, the waterproof material is proven to work in wet weather again and again.

adidas Golf S2G Mid-Cut Boots


  • 1 year waterproof guarantee
  • RAIN.RDY Technology
  • Synthetic & Leather Upper
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Finally, in our list of best winter golf boots is a final entry from adidas, with the S2G Mid-Cut Boots

Whilst the boots are not fully leather, the synthetics and leather combination means they are 100% waterproof, backed by a years guarantee.

And unlike some other options on this list, you can keep your feet dry without compromising on style as the adidas S2G Mid-Cut Boots are one of the better looking options available on the market.

Designed to be as lightweight as possible, the boots have a mid-cut height which makes them more comfortable on the course than most traditional winter golf boots.