Golf Trolley Accessories Every Golfer Needs!

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When playing a round of golf, using a golf trolley makes walking around the course easier and the round more enjoyable.

But did you know there are even more ways to make playing 18 holes with golf trolley more comfortable?

Whether you go for an electric golf trolley or a push golf trolley, there are plenty of accessories on the market to upgrade the quality of your trolley and make a round of golf more comfortable.

As the UK weather is so interchangeable, there are plenty of golf trolley accessories available which have been designed to keep you dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. But it doesn’t stop there.

There are other accessories to keep your boot clean, make your round easier and even help you perform better on the golf course.

We’ve trawled through some of the best golf trolley accessories we could find on the market so you can decide which ones will make your life easier!

Golf Trolley Accessories for All Weather Conditions

Umbrella Holders for golf trolleys

The job of the umbrella holder is self-explanatory and is probably the most common golf trolley accessory.

They are designed to hold your golf umbrella in place on the trolley, which saves you from having to carry the umbrella around the golf course yourself.You can also pull the umbrella out of the holder to use between shots or on the green and place it back when you are done. Some of the best golf umbrellas even have clear viewing panels so you can see where you are going whilst using the umbrella fixed to a golf trolley.

The Golfers Club Deluxe Umbrella Holder

Complete with rubber inserts to allow a secure fit, the angle adjustment ensures you can lock your umbrella in place quickly. You do not have to force the umbrella back into the holder; it will just slide in comfortably.

PowaKaddy 2020 Adjustable Golf Umbrella Holder

As well as allowing hands-free operation of your trolley this umbrella holder is fully adjustable to any angle, meaning it’s easy to fit and fold away so your trolley remains compact when folded.

Deluxe Umbrella Holder

Thanks to the wider butt, this umbrella holder can accommodate any size umbrella handle. It is extremely easy to fit and will keep your umbrella solidly in place on the golf course.

Rain Covers for golf trolleys

Wet and cold weather can lead to damage to your golf clubs. Even if you are only on the course for a few hours, persistent rain can damage golf clubs and make your grips slippy. And even the best waterproof golf bags can start to let water in if the rain is relentless. If you don’t have a waterproof bag, then investing in a good quality rain cover may be worthwhile. It will keep your clubs dry on the course and will mean you won’t have to continually dry them before playing shots.

Clicgear Trolley Rain Cover

This rain cover has been designed to fit all Clicgear trolleys. It is constructed using waterproof material and despite the secure fit, it is easy to access clubs throughout the round.

Longridge Deluxe Rain Cover

Manufactured using clear material, this water-resistant rain cover is self-fastening. There are several zippered access points so you can get to key areas of your golf bag easily.

StormMaster XRP Rain Cape Black

Thanks to the water-resistant material, the rain cover provides full protection, even in the harshest of conditions. Complete with an elasticated top, easy access to your golf clubs is guaranteed.

Winter Wheels for golf trolleys

Strolling around the golf course during the summer months is a pleasure and most golf trolleys will glide effortlessly along the fairway. 

However, during the winter months the ground can get soggy and it can be difficult to manoeuvre a trolley around the golf course and even cause damage to the fairways.

Winter Wheels are designed to help and can help give you that extra bit of grip to keep you playing in the winter.


Hedgehog Winter Wheels

Fitting most 10″ push/pull wheels, the studs reduce the interaction between your pull trolley and the golf course. This protects the course and means you can continue to use your golf trolley throughout the winter.

PowaKaddy Replacement Golf Trolley Winter Wheels

This set of golf trolley winter wheels have been designed to keep contact with the ground minimal. The patented design fits most PowaKaddy electric trolleys and the durable rubber keeps the wheels in great shape.

Winter Mitts for golf trolleys

When playing golf during the winter months, hands get cold. But not if you’re using winter mittens! Some manufacturers have designed golf mittens that fix to the handles of golf trolleys so all you have to do is slip your hands into them and keep going. They’re bound to keep your hands nice and warm without having to be in and out of your golf bag all of the time.

Motocaddy Deluxe Trolley Mittens

These deluxe golf trolley mittens fit securely to the handle of your golf trolley and have been designed for easy access.
Complete with fleece lined insulation, they are compatible with all Motocaddy trolley models.

Motocaddy Hot Mitts

This pair of golf mitts take things to the next level thanks to the addition of three heat settings.
Chargeable using the USB connector on your trolley, the mittens fit securely to any Motocaddy handle and provide plenty of warmth in cold conditions.

GoMitts Universal Golf Cart Gloves

There are many attractive features to these golf cart gloves including water resistant material, a windproof shell, and luxurious lining for enhanced comfort.
They are quick and easy to fit and remove from the golf cart plus the adjustable fit means you can keep the cold and wind out.

Golf Trolley Accessories to Keep Your Boot Clean

Golf Trolley Covers

Following a round of golf, especially in testing conditions, your golf trolley will no doubt pick up grass and mud from the course. This can easily come away from the trolley and be left in the boot of the car, meaning extra cleaning when at home. 

Golf trolley covers come to the rescue here and prevent the car from getting dirty as well as providing protection to your trolley when travelling to and from the course.


Motocaddy S Series Cart Travel Cover

Made from durable and highly protective material, this golf cart travel cover is compatible with all S-series trolleys.
Complete with two top handles and bottom grab handle, it is easy to move in and out of a vehicle.

Longridge Golf Trolley Carry Bag Cover

Manufactured using durable material, this golf trolley carry bag cover has been designed to fit most trolleys. Two handles come together to add stability to the cover when lifting the trolley in and out of the boot.

Wheel Covers for golf trolleys

If you don’t quite see the need for a full golf trolley cover then one of the most efficient ways to cover your golf trolley when transporting it to and from the golf course is by using wheel covers. 

In many ways this is more convenient than using a full golf trolley cover yet will still keep your boot clean.

Clicgear Wheel Covers

These have been designed using an elasticated fit so they slip easily over the wheels yet provide a strong seal so no dirt can escape.
The wheel covers fit perfectly on the Clicgear 1.0, Model 2.0, Model 3.0 and Model 3.5 Plus carts.


BIG MAX Wheel Cover

This set of durable wheel covers have been created using nylon fabric. They are compatible with all BIG MAX trolleys and the elastic fitting means they are quick and easy to secure in place.

Golf Trolley Accessories to Make Your Round Easier

GPS / Phone Holders

Many golfers choose to use mobile phones with GPS apps or a GPS device when playing a round. 

They are useful to access a course map and provide distance and shot information along with other important data. However, it can quickly become tiresome having to pull out the device from either a clothing pocket or trolley pocket. A GPS/phone holder solves that problem nicely.

LL-Golf ® Universal Smartphone Holder for the Golf Trolley

As the name suggests, this golf trolley smartphone holder is compatible with any device and elastic mesh is included for a firm grip. A ball joint provides 360 degree tilt meaning It is easy to view the screen at most angles.

Motocaddy Adjustable Easy Fitting Golf Trolley Device Cradle

This fully adjustable device holder can be used in both portrait and landscape modes. It is extremely easy to fit and remove from the trolley and is compatible with the Motocaddy accessory station. The quick adjustment mechanism means it is easy to add the device to the cradle.

Mount Tie Universal Phone Holder for Golf Trolleys

Created using silicone, this golf trolley phone holder is compatible with all devices. The non-slip rubber grip means your phone will not fall out and it is simple to secure.
Thanks to the highly flexible silicone, the phone holder will fit any style of golf trolley and it comes with a lifetime warranty.