Powakaddy or Motocaddy, Which Should You Buy?

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When choosing an electric golf trolley, two brands immediately spring to mind…

Powakaddy and Motocaddy.

These two brands are leading the way in terms of the most popular golf trolley brands. If you were to look online at any golf store or visit your local pro shop the likelihood is they will stock both Powakaddy and Motocaddy. 

Powakaddy vs. Motocaddy is a debate that has been raging for some time. Together they make up about 90% of the golf trolley market, which is phenomenal. It’d be hard to find another area of the game where two manufacturers are leading the way in this manner. 

But this doesn’t help golfers in deciding which brand to choose for their next golf trolley!

The truth is, both are a great option and are solid investments. They each provide a wide range of models to suit all tastes and budgets. So, let’s take a closer look at both of the brands and see how they fare when coming up against each other in a Powakaddy vs Motocaddy match-up.


Beginning with Powakaddy, they have been in the marketplace for the longest length of time having been established over 40 years ago. 

The brand has made great strides in terms of electric golf trolley development and this has seen them dominate the fairways and even create partnerships with the highest levels of the game including The PGA. In their own words, “As Trolley Partner to the PGA, we ensure that the best equipment is placed at the fingertips of the country’s elite Amateurs and PGA Pros”.

The company has their headquarters in Sittingbourne, England and this is where much of the development and design takes place. And despite achieving over 1 million trolley sales, the engineers at Powakaddy continue to work hard in order to create the next round-breaking electric golf trolley.


Motocaddy entered the marketplace sometime after their competitors with their first models only available for sale in 2004. 

But that hasn’t held them back. 

Motocaddy have experienced phenomenal growth and have won multiple awards for their electric golf trolley design and they are now available in over 40 different countries worldwide.

The brand continues to invest in research and development and despite their short existence in comparison to Powakaddy, they have led the way in more recent times with innovations in their electric golf trolleys. 

After sales support has also become a big selling point of the brand so it’s good to know you’ll be in safe hands when investing in a golf trolley from this brand.

Comparisons of Models

Below you will find a comparison of different Powakaddy and Motocaddy golf trolleys, divided into entry level, mid-range, and flagship models.

Entry Level – Powakaddy FX3 vs Motocaddy S1

Powakaddy FX3


  • Full colour 2.3” widescreen display
  • Height adjustable soft-touch handle
  • LCD backlight control system
  • High performance low profile PowaFrame® Chassis
  • Battery fuel indicator
  • 2-year warranty on the trolley
  • 5 Year UK Warranty on Lithium Battery
  • Optional self-sensing Electronic Braking System
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This is the 11th edition of this popular electric golf trolley and it perfectly combines ease of use with performance and reliability. It even boasts a new 2.3” full colour widescreen display.

Motocaddy S1


  • LCD widescreen display
  • Lithium battery
  • Quickest-ever 1-step folding
  • Next generation, High Power 28V system
  • Adjustable Distance Control (up to 45 yards)
  • USB charging port
  • Powerful, whisper‑quiet 230w motor
  • Space-saving inverting wheels
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The Motocaddy S1 has been around for 15 years or so now. And despite being at the entry level range, the new Motocaddy S1 comes packed with many features including nine speed settings, an LCD widescreen display, and super-lightweight Lithium battery.

One of my favourite additions is the USB charging port where you can charge your phone or GPS if you forgot the night before!

Mid-Range – Powakaddy FX5 vs Motocaddy M3

Powakaddy FX5


  • Mid-size full colour 2.8” OCA widescreen display
  • New high power 30-volt speed controller system
  • New LCD backlight control system
  • Height adjustable soft-touch handle
  • High-performance low profile PowaFrame® Chassis
  • 2-year warranty on the trolley
  • 5 Year UK Warranty on Lithium Battery
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Moving into the mid-range selection and you can already see the step up thanks to the larger, full-colour widescreen display. The 30v 230w motor has been awarded the prestigious Quiet Mark™ by the UK Noise Abatement Society, meaning you will never disturb anyone else on the golf course.

Motocaddy M3


  • 2.8” LCD touchscreen display
  • Fully integrated, high-performance GPS
  • 40,000 pre‑loaded courses ‑ no subscription fee
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Simple, compact-folding system
  • Next generation, High Power 28V system
  • On board battery charging
  • 2-year warranty on the trolley
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This electric golf trolley by Motocaddy is all about the features. It includes a high resolution, 2.8″ full-colour LCD screen with a GPS system that rivals most Golf GPS watches.

The trolley is easy to fold into a compact shape thanks to the world’s simplest compact folding system. You don’t even need to remove the lithium battery to transport or charge the trolley.

Flagship Models – Powakaddy FX7 GPS vs. Motocaddy M7

Powakaddy FX7 GPS


  • Touch Screen Control
  • Fantastic 3.5” full colour widescreen display
  • Fast, accurate distances to greens and hazards
  • Accurate distances to front, middle and back of green
  • Preloaded with over 40,000 golf courses
  • Bluetooth Connected App for course updates
  • Optional Electronic Braking System (EBS)
  • Extended 3-year warranty on the trolley
  • 5 Year UK Warranty on Lithium Battery
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Now we come to the top of the range models and the Powakaddy FX7 GPS is something to behold. Complete with a 3.5” OCA high visibility full colour Touch Screen LCD, you can enjoy full course information. This trolley folds 20% smaller than the previous Freeway model and it is available with the optional Electronic Braking System.

Motocaddy M7


  • Rechargeable remote control handset
  • Forward, left, right and reverse controls
  • Automatic Downhill Control
  • 50m range cut-out
  • Compact-folding system
  • SlimFold car boot friendly design
  • Anti-glare LCD screen
  • Nine-speed settings
  • USB charging port
  • Super‑lightweight, waterproof lithium battery
  • Fully-adjustable handle height
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The rechargeable remote control handset is one of the leading features of the Motocaddy M7 electric trolley. The simple button design means the trolley is easy to control and the pause and emergency stop functions make it one of the safest on the golf course.

Key Considerations

In addition to all of the features highlighted in the electric golf trolleys above, there are some other key considerations to bear in mind when comparing Powakaddy to Motocaddy.

1. Reliability and Repairs

Reliability is extremely important to both manufacturers. The last thing you want is to shell out north of £500 on a golf trolley and it break down after 12 months. 

Powakaddy have an extended 3-year warranty on their golf trolleys, whilst Motocaddy trolleys are covered by a 24 month warranty from the date of purchase. 

The warranty on both brands covers manufacturing defects that occur during normal use and accidental damage is not covered. However, Powakaddy and Motocaddy come with great reputations for quality and there should be no issues when using their products.

However if you are unfortunate enough to damage your trolley, there is no need to worry as Powakaddy and Motocaddy have ways to get your trolley repaired quickly and back on the golf course. 

Powakaddy and Motocaddy service agents are widely available across the UK and Ireland. Before committing to a brand, It’s worth checking who has the closest service agent to your home by searching on the links below.

2. Accessories Available for the Trolleys

So far, there does not appear to be much to split Powakaddy and Motocaddy but perhaps one area where the latter has a slight advantage is in terms of available accessories. 

You will find a complete range of golf trolley accessories on the Motocaddy website ready to order including winter wheels, travel covers, drinks holders, scorecard holders, a USB power bank, clearview umbrella, hot mitts, and device cradles.

The good news is Powakaddy have been working to develop their range of accessories and you can now find a towel, deluxe seat, drinks holder, travel cover, rain cover, umbrella holder, and winter wheels amongst their selection. 

Perhaps the one thing they are lacking in comparison with Motocaddy is mitts and a power bank. Therefore, in the Powakaddy vs. Motocaddy comparison, the latter does have the edge in this department.

3. Promotions

The quality of the Powakaddy and Motocaddy golf trolleys speak for themselves. For this reason it’s rare that you’ll find a discount on either of the golf trolleys. 

However, everyone likes to have something for free occasionally and both brands have been known to offer freebies at certain times of the year.

In the run up to Christmas both brands have previously made free bag promotions available. They are not to be sniffed at either. In 2019 Powakaddy offered a different range of free cart bags and accessories depending on which trolley you purchased, with up to £229 of freebies up for grabs!

Motocaddy similarly followed suit with a free Pro-Series, Lite-Series, Club-Series or Dry-Series bag with each trolley purchase. Again you could have saved yourself up to £219 with this offer so it’s well worth considering particularly if you don’t already have a decent cart bag. 

Before buying a trolley from either brand, be sure to check if there are any promotions running as you can bag yourself a nice treat! (no pun intended)

Alternative Golf Trolley Brands

Whilst we’ve been focusing all our attention on Powakaddy and Motocaddy as the market leaders in terms of electric golf trolleys, there are some other brands available that are certainly worth a mention. 

Some of these come in at lower price points if the price of the leading brands put you off. Some are more premium golf trolleys and are more expensive, however they are all worth considering before commiting. 

You can also check out our best electric golf trolleys which feature some more options.

1. Pro Rider

For those who may not have the budget to stretch to a Powakaddy or Motocaddy model, the Pro Rider electric golf trolley range is a good option. 

This company offers a selection of models starting at just £250 and although they may not offer the same features found on the Powakaddy and Motocaddy models, the beginner golfer may be tempted by the lower price point.

2. Fraser

The Fazer 18 Hole Electric Trolley boasts a powerful Lucas 22ah (12V) battery and powerful 200w motor. With nine speed settings plus 3 auto stop distances, it certainly matches the feature set of the cheaper Powakaddy and Motocaddy range. 

However, the 12 month warranty may not be long enough for some golfers who are looking for a little more peace of mind should something go wrong.

3. Stewart Golf

Now we come to what many people believe to be the Rolls Royce of golf trolleys. 

Stewart Golf have developed a range of handmade electric golf trolleys in the United Kingdom and they are available for between £1,499 and £2,199!

The X9 Follow Signature Range is perhaps the most expensive electric golf trolley money can buy. The trolley is made from carbon fibre and is available with an extended capacity battery. It comes complete with patented Follow Technology and the trolley will automatically keep two paces behind you on the golf course.