Golf courses in Berkshire

Berkshire, or The Royal County of Berkshire as it was officially recognised in 1957 by the Queen, is located in the South East of England to the west of Surrey.


The River Thames weaves its way through the county with many of the towns in Berkshire lying on the river’s banks. Reading is the largest of those that sits in the Thames Valley and the largest county town.


But Berkshire is perhaps more well known as the home to Windsor Castle, the weekend home for the Queen, hence the county’s Royal status. 


The county also holds a high status in the country for its golfing prowess. Due to the geography of the land, it is famous for some of the top heathland golf courses you can find on the British Isles.


The Berkshire Golf Club embodies that more than any other golf club and boasts not one, but two heathland golf courses that form part of the top 100 courses in the UK & Ireland.


There’s not much to separate the two courses at The Berkshire, they are both fantastic examples of heartland with springy fairways lined with heather. But the rankings do play slightly in favour of the Red course over the Blue course. 


However there are 51 golf courses to choose from in Berkshire. Another one of the top picks is Swinley Forest Golf Club


It features in both the top 100 courses in the UK & Ireland and even makes an appearance in the top 100 in the world, emphasising what a truly magical place this is. Designed by Harry Colt, the fairways are carved out of the purple heather and mature pine trees. It’s a modest course at 6,400 yards, but oozes class. 


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