Golf courses in East Sussex

East Sussex is a county in the South East of England on the English Channel coast. It was part of the historic county of Sussex which over time was divided into West Sussex and East Sussex.


The location of East Sussex makes it a great place to golf. The county typically has better weather than the rest of the country, with 30% more sunshine than the UK average!


The geology of the area also plays in the favour for good golf. The county is characterised by the South Downs chalk hills that run along the south of East Sussex. On the coast, they provide spectacular cliffs and views from the fairways and for the more inland golf course, they provide free draining soil. 


Overall this means whatever time of year you visit East Sussex, the courses should be in decent shape. 


And there’s plenty of good golf to be played. In total, there are 32 golf courses in East Sussex


Rye Golf Club, founded in 1894 was laid out by Harry Colt, who later became Rye’s secretary. It has long featured in the top 50 golf courses in England and top 100 golf courses in the UK. Whilst it’s a special place, it’s extremely private. Visiting here is harder than booking on at most places.


For a special club that’s easier to get a game at, check out Royal Ashdown Forest Golf Club. On arrival, you’re spoiled with 36 holes on offer in stunning rolling Sussex countryside. The Old course is another regular in both the top courses in England and the UK, the course is set in the. The West sister course is an equally good challenge in its own right but doesn’t carry quite the same prestige. 


All in all, you can’t go wrong with a trip to East Sussex. You can check out all the golf courses in the region below.

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