Golf courses in West Sussex

West Sussex is a county in the South East of England (next to East Sussex) on the English Channel coast. The two counties together formed part of the historic county of Sussex, which was divided over time.


Over half of the land in the county is made up of protected countryside. This is great news for lovers of the outdoors, cyclists, hikers and of course, golfers. In fact, there’s not much of an urban population in West Sussex, the only city in the county’s borders is Chichester. 


Much like most of the English Channel coastline, West Sussex is blessed with better weather than the rest of the country. This makes it a great place to enjoy your golf, with the assurance that you’re probably more likely to avoid having to get the waterproofs out.


In total, there are 38 golf courses in West Sussex. They offer a wide variety of challenges and layouts. From your traditional members clubs, to the 36 hole course venues, you can find it all. 


There’s even an appearance in the World’s top 100 golf courses thanks to West Sussex Golf Club! The heathland course sits on the northern edge of the South Downs and is voted as one of the best inland courses in the UK. It’s fair to say the golf course is the highlight of the county’s golf.


But there are other great options, and whilst they don’t have the same prestige, you’re guaranteed an enjoyable round. 


Mannings Heath falls right into that category. It’s a 36 hole golf venue offering the original Waterfall Course and a second Kingfisher Course. The venue is set in 500 acres of rolling Sussex downs, with the courses being a bit of a unique mix of heathland, downland and parkland mix. 


Goodwood is another one of our top picks. Another 36 hole venue with the Park Course and the Downs Course. They offer two distinct challenges. The Downs Course is a challenging championship course regarded as one of the best downland courses in the country.


You can explore all of the courses in West Sussex below.

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