Golf courses in Leicestershire

Leicestershire is a landlocked county in the East Midlands. It borders other fairly large East Midland golfing counties such as Nottinghamshire (to the north), Lincolnshire (to the north-east) and Derbyshire (to the north-west).   


The county is known for a few things including being regarded as the birthplace of fox hunting – which is probably why the Leicestershire & Rutland Golf Union’s logo is a fox. The football team Leicester City are also known as “the foxes”. 


Food lovers will also know that the county has also gifted England with Stilton and Red Leicester cheeses alongside pork pies – 3 fine contributions to British cuisine!


However with a population of just over 1 million (including the non-metropolitan county and the city of Leicester) the county is probably most famous for its culturally diverse scene and world-class universities. 


And that reputation extends to the golf courses in Leicestershire, with a number of high quality and varied venues. In total there are 33 golf courses in Leicestershire, below are some of our top picks.

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