Golf courses in Derbyshire

Known as the “Gateway to the Peak District” Derbyshire is a county occupied with a varied landscape.


As given away by the nickname, the county contains most of the Peak District within its borders alongside the southern end of the Pennine range. What that generally means is that wherever you look there are rolling hills and uplands in the county. 


To the south and east of the county the terrain is a little flatter with a number of rivers. But what you’re generally left with is a diverse landscape that makes for some interesting golf courses. 


It’s fair to say however that golf isn’t the first thing you think of in Derbyshire. The county has some tough competition with 7 county neighbours including Greater Manchester, South Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire to name a few. All of which have some top golf courses in the country. 


But there are some hidden gems and great golfing experiences to be had. In total there are 36 golf courses in Derbyshire.


Some of our favourites include Cavendish Golf Club – one of Alistair ​​MacKenzie’s masterpieces. Chesterfield, a well established parkland course that has hosted a number of regional and national events. And Kedleston Park, another solid example of a mature parkland designed by James Braid that has hosted Regional Open Qualifying.

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