Golf courses in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire is one of the larger counties in the country, with a long North Sea coastline. It’s a relatively flat county, but can be broken down into several geographical sub-regions including the limestone hills district of south Kesteven, the industrial Humber Estuary and the chalk hills of Lincolnshire Wolds.


It borders a number of other counties, but interestingly it has the shortest county border in England with Northamptonshire, measuring just 20 yards!


From a golfing perspective, Lincolnshire plays an important part in English golf. Woodhall Spa (in the East Lindsey district) is home to England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England. 


They work with over 1,800 golf clubs and nearly 650,000 golfers in England, dedicated to growing the game. 


The England Golf HQ is actually home to two of the best clubs in the county. The Hotchkin Course at Woodhall Spa is not only the best in the county, but recognised as one of the best inland courses in the UK. 


It’s fair to say that its sister course, the Bracken, lives in the shadow of the Hotchkin. But with similar features, perhaps a little more forgiving, it’s a great, enjoyable golf course in its own right. 


The county isn’t a one trick pony either, in fact there are 45 golf courses in Lincolnshire. 


Ranked in the top 100 courses in England, Seacroft is another gem. A traditional in and out links, it’s set on the picturesque Lincolnshire coast. Forest Pines Golf Club completes what are probably the best offerings in the county. Another top inland course, there are 27 holes to choose from at the venue.

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